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Head in the Game is the second episode of Snackers and Anchovy. In this episode, Snackers and Anchovy are interrupted from their activities to perform their job as the Cat's Eye.


  • Snackers
  • Anchovy
  • Facebook Users (only appearences)
    • Warren Wunsenberg
    • Bjorn Unicorn, the..
    • Pearl Blitzing
    • Nutsworth Climbs..
    • Jimmy Tula


Snackers and Anchovy are seen doing average day activities, with Snackers playing a video game, and Anchovy appearing behind the couch, about to pop a balloon with an angry face written on it with a sharp needle, until their Caturday alarm goes off, alerting the two cats of their job. Snackers approaches the Caturday machine and opens a door, which reveals to be a portal to the Bejeweled Blitz game. She puts her head in the portal and performs her laser blast finishers while Anchovy performs an electric guitar rift. After they finish up, they return to their average day activities.


  • The game controller Snackers holds resembles a Nintendo Entertainment System controller.
  • This episode, alongside the teaser video are the only times that either Snackers or Anchovy are seen using their laser powers.
  • The Bejeweled Blitz game footage shown is slightly modified to show the puppet version of Snackers instead of the original version.
  • One of the names on the Bejeweled Blitz leaderboards, Bjorn Unicorn, The, is a reference to the Peggle character Bjorn Unicorn, another PopCap character.
  • Goof: When Snackers' back can be seen after starting to fire lasers, the game footage inside the portal shows the Time Up text for a second time.