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Gyromancer is a role-playing, turn based and 3 match game developed by Square Enix and PopCap Games in December 18 2009, Player makes his way through enchanted forest scavenging areas full of ally beasts from Gyro Codes to collect, and agressive monsters to fight. In battles enemies will attack with abilities of their own , while combat system is 3 match puzzle game based on the Bejeweled Twist.

Gyromancer was released on Xbox Arcade and Steam, received positive reviews, with limited characterization, a particular score, and a dismal rated storyline receiving minor criticism. But reviewers found the gameplay to be fun and interesting.


Gyromancer Screenshot 1

Screenshot while battle. (Red Wyrm vs Green Arum)

During the battle, board with cells on the screen. The player must rotate groups of four gems with Rotator that three or four gems three or four gems with same colour would line up, in such case opponent would take damage. The storyline has text cut-scenes, the main character Rivel and his beasts that he summons can gain experience to level up.

Game between battles happens on map made of tiles with own patterns depending on area where you can collect Gyro Code with new monsters to complete areas task as got to point of interest or defeat all enemies on map and breaking blocking passages.

Moving through the levels, the character encounters many monsters on the way, each time the action is transferred to the battle screen, where one of the player's monsters fights an enemy monster, and the course of events depends on the solution of a puzzle based on the Bejeweled Twist.Encountered creatures are various variations of typical fantasy archetypes: demons, dragons, giant spiders, slightly modified monsters of the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

GYROMANCER map in-game
Gyromancer Screenshot gameplay

Of all his monsters, the hero can take only three to the level; before the start of the battle, the game offers to choose one of the trinity. To defeat the enemy, the player must control gems,a group of four nearby gems is captured and rotated clockwise. If three or more gems line up, they disappear, allowing all the gems above to move into place.From above, new gems are added to the playing field, forming a new pattern, and everything is repeated again. After each closing of the line, the ability bar fills up a little, and after it is completely filled, a special attacking gem appears on the field, which, being stacked in a line with others, inflicts damage on the enemy monster. The enemy also has such a scale, it is filled after each movement of gems made by the player and, having reached the maximum, immediately causes harm to the summoned monster.


Later in the game, immovable stones (same as Bejeweled 2) appear, broken only by the special abilities gems of monsters, and the enemy gauge, if the player makes unsuccessful rotations, begins to fill up faster as a punishment. The amount of damage inflicted and received depends primarily on the selected monster, during the battles, creatures gain experience points and grow in levels, due to which their personal characteristics increase: strength, agility, defense, etc. Each monster, both summoned and enemy, has its own characteristic color, and if it matches the color of the built-up gems, the rate of filling the scales either increases or decreases. Enemy monsters can also replace gems on the field with skulls/counter gems that harm the protagonist's creature if not lined up in a closing line within a certain number of moves. After defeating the monster, the creature is added to the player's bestiary and can be used to complete any subsequent levels. New monsters can also be found on the level in the form of secrets, as well as useful items hidden in different places, used during the battle, or hired in specialized shops.


The main character of the story is a sorcerer named Rivel, an immortal monster summoner who travels through the enchanted forest of Aldemona. He pursues the head of the rebel gang Quraist Kingsley, who has killed a member of the royal family and went on the run. Simultaneously with the beginning of the persecution, someone placed a magical seal on the forest, locking all participants in the action inside.

According to rumors, the source of this mysterious seal is somewhere deep in the thickets, Kingsley is trying to find it and take possession of the magical load contained in the presence. The game is divided into twelve levels, which gradually open up, becoming available to the passenger.

To overcome each level, you must complete a certain task, defeat the monsters blocking the passage, or solve a difficult puzzle in the allotted time. Additional levels are added to the game as downloadable content. In addition to one main goal at the level, there are also various secondary tasks that are optional for passing. Some areas of the map can be initially blocked, they open only after re-passing the level later in the game.


Music was writed by Tsuyoshi Sekito and all rights belongs to Square Enix.

Track list[]

Gyromancer Theme

Music what plays in menu and main map.

  • Main Theme
  • Reminiscence
  • On the Trail

Gyromancer suite

  • A Hunch
  • In the Tracks of the Beast
  • Bared Teeth
  • Victory Roar
  • 'Neath the Eaves of the Wood
  • Pressing Onward
  • No Turning Back
  • Suspicion
  • Lashing Out (Default Battle theme)
  • Licking Wounds
  • Brume
  • Looking Back
  • Test of Faith
  • Traverse
  • Apart
  • On the Heels of Truth
  • The Scent of Blood
  • Cloacked in Darkness
  • Power Unbound
  • Hand of Ice
  • Hallowed Ground
  • Wheels of Fate
  • Green Shoots


The decision to create Gyromancer was made in 2007 at one of the meetings with Square Enix, which had previously dealt with the publisher of some PopCap games in Japan. Jason Kapalka, co-founder and head of the studio, suggested making a collaborative game that combines common role-playing elements with his Bejeweled puzzle series, and jokingly called it Final Fantasy Bejeweled.

On the other hand, director Yuichi Murasawa, known for creating Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, got acquainted with the puzzle game Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, developed with the participation of Kapalka, and became interested in the possibility of collaboration - this is how the project was launched. Unlike Puzzle Quest, the gameplay is based on Bejeweled Twist, a spin-off of the original Bejeweled, which the director of PopCap believes is a better system for the design. Puzzles such as Zuma and Peggle were also considered as the basis, but they were ultimately discarded as they did not fit with the concept of a duel between two monsters. PopCap Studio took over all the initial development, and later handed over the accumulated materials to Square Enix employees so that they added role-playing elements to the gameplay. The official announcement took place on September 24, 2009, the release took place on November 18 simultaneously for Xbox Live Arcade and Steam[. The price of the game was 1200 Microsoft Points or $15. A week later, a set of paid additional maps was released, the downloadable content was distributed in the same way for both versions.


  • Unused Skull gems from Bejeweled Twist are transfered to Gyromancer as Counter gems.
  • This is first and last PopCap game what has support for Xbox 360 controllers on PC.