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Gold Rush
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Gold Rush is a type of mini-quest featured in Quest.


Gold Rush Help

A dialog box providing information about the first Gold Rush mini-quest.

In Gold Rush mini-quests, the bottom three rows of the game board consist of dirt squares. Embedded within several of these are gold nuggets. The goal of each mini-quest is to clear the dirt and unearth a specific number of nuggets by matching gems next to the ground. Special Gem effects can remove earth as well.

In addition to dirt, the Gold Rush mini-quests feature rocks, stones, and boulders. These are denser than regular earth; therefore, they require extra adjacent matches to clear them. Similar to dirt, Special Gem effects can break down and remove rocky ground as well.

Beside the game board is the Timer Bar. Each Gold Rush mini-quest must be completed within their own given time limit. When the Timer Bar reaches thirty seconds, "The Voice" will announce a brief warning about the amount of time remaining. When the Timer Bar reaches fifteen seconds, the vertical edges of the board emit a pulsing red glow and a warning sound plays; these effects intensify as the time limit approaches expiration.


Mini-quest Associated Relic Description
Gold Rush
Gold Rush
Relic 1 The goal of this mini-quest is to unearth five gold nuggets within 120 seconds.
Gold Rush II
Gold Rush II
Relic 3 The goal of this mini-quest is to unearth five gold nuggets within 90 seconds.
Gold Rush III
Gold Rush III
Relic 4 The goal of this mini-quest is to unearth ten gold nuggets within 90 seconds.
Gold Rush IV
Gold Rush IV
Relic 5 The goal of this mini-quest is to unearth ten gold nuggets within 90 seconds.


Gold Rush Tutorial

A tutorial message explaining how to play the Gold Rush mini-quests.

  • Upon playing a Gold Rush mini-quest for the first time, the gems will be arranged in a specific pattern and an informative message appears over an orange gem. This happens only if Diamond Mine was not played before accessing a Gold Rush mini-quest.
  • Pausing the game during a Gold Rush mini-quest causes the gems to vanish, but they reappear upon resuming the game. This most likely happens to prevent "cheating."
  • Dirt squares that contain gold nuggets function the same way as rocky ground does; upon unearthing all the nuggets within a dirt square, it disappears.
  • It is possible to unearth up to four nuggets from a single dirt square, depending on how many it has.


  • An oddity exists in Gold Rush III and Gold Rush IV in which the game refers to some of the gold nuggets in these mini-quests as diamonds when these particular nuggets are moused-over.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴールドハント
Gōrudo Hanto
Gold Hunt
Spanish Fiebre del oro Gold Fever
French Ruée vers l'or Gold Rush
German Goldrausch Gold Rush
Italian Corsa all'oro Gold Rush
Portuguese Febre do ouro Gold Fever
Chinese 黄金滚滚
Huángjīn Gǔngǔn
Billowing Gold


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