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Appearance(s): Bejeweled Twist

Bejeweled Blitz LIVE

The Gem Rotator is the main control cursor in Bejeweled Twist and the Twist mode of Bejeweled Blitz LIVE. Similar to the Gem Cursor, it highlights gems in a 2x2 space and when activated, it spins the gems clockwise (or counter-clockwise in Bejeweled Blitz LIVE).


In Bejeweled Twist, the gem appears inside a mechanical ring with a purple aura surrounding the inside of the ring. The Gem Rotator also has yellow lights that light up in the form of a trail clockwise. In the PC version of the game, the multiplier's current level is shown on the top of the ring, and depending on the current multiplier, more purple waves are shown inside the ring.

In Bejeweled Blitz LIVE, the Gem Rotator is represented by a purple neon ring. Purple lights turn on around the ring as the player avoids matchless moves.

Appearences in games[]

Bejeweled Twist[]

In it's first appearence, the Gem Rotator could only rotate gems clockwise. The Gem Rotator cannot rotate Locked or Doom Gems, and will turn red to signal that the move cannot be made.

Bejeweled Blitz LIVE[]

The Gem Rotator returns in the game's Twist mode, and unlike Bejeweled Twist, the Gem Rotator can rotate gems counter-clockwise. There are two seperate buttons for twisting gems clockwise and counter-clockwise.