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Gelatinite is a limited Rare Gem in Bejeweled Blitz. The base value for a Gelatinite is 29,900 points. It is a red gemstone that resembles cranberry jelly.

When activated, any 4 red gems matched create a Gelatinite instead of a Flame Gem.



Sound Description Name
When the harvest dialog appears after pressing "PLAY" appear.mp3
When the gem explodes explosion.mp3
When the player selects "EQUIP NOW"/"HARVEST" harvest.mp3
When the ending animation of the Rare Gem plays prestige.mp3
When the Rare Gems from the prize selection appear and after selecting any prize when the rare gems flip around to reveal their prize prizeend.mp3
When selecting the grand prize prizegrandselect.mp3
When selecting any prize that isn't the grand prize prizeselect.mp3


  • This Rare Gem uses the sounds of Stardom.