Bejeweled Twist Red Fruit Gem
Appearance(s): Bejeweled Twist
"Rare gem earned by maxing the Chain Meter. Match it for a surprise!"
Bejeweled Twist, mouseover description

Fruit Gem is a Special Gem that appears in Bejeweled Twist. It has an appearance of a fruit based on the shape of the gem, as listed:

  • The red Fruit Gem resembles an apple.
  • The white Fruit Gem resembles a cantaloupe.
  • The green Fruit Gem resembles a melon.
  • The yellow Fruit Gem resembles a lemon.
  • The purple Fruit Gem resembles a pear.
  • The orange Fruit Gem resembles an orange.
  • The blue Fruit Gem resembles a bunch of grapes.


It is earned when either the Chain Meter is maxed out or a Mega Fruit Bonus is received; which replaces it with either a normal gem or at the higher priority, a Bomb Gem or Locked Gem.

When detonated, similar to the Hypercube; it destroys all gems, Locked Gems, and Bomb Gems of its color in addition to detonating every Special Gem of its color. Fruit Gems of its own color will explode with the effect of a Flame Gem alongside a score bonus.

Detonated Fruit Gems will extend Bomb and Doom Gem counters by 10.


  • The PC README document of Bejeweled Twist incorrectly mentions that Fruit Gems are also capable of replacing a Doom Gem when earned.[1]
  • The Fruit Gem is the only type of gem in Bejeweled Twist in which a unique notification does not appear when the gem is seen for the first time. However, it is possible to make the notification appear in the game as normal by modifying a certain document that is located inside the game files.
  • If there are multiple bomb gems, the Fruit Gem will replace the one with the lowest number.
  • In the PC version of Bejeweled Twist, Fruit Gems will have sparkles appearing from the center of it.
    • This feature doesn't exist in the online version, however.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FrenchGemme fruitFruit Gem
ItalianGemma di FruttaFruit Gem
Furūtsu Jemu
Fruit Gem
SpanishJoya frutaFruit Jewel



  1. ...If you fill this rainbow Chain Meter, your Score Multiplier does not increase, but a bolt of energy flies out from the Tube and converts one of your Locked, Bomb or Doom Gems into a Fruit Gem... — Bejeweled Twist, RENAME document