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Appearance(s): Bejeweled Twist
"Rare gem earned by maxing the Chain Meter. Match it for a surprise!"
Bejeweled Twist, mouseover description

Fruit Gem is a Special Gem that appears in Bejeweled Twist. it replaces Hypercube, It has an appearance of a fruit based on the shape of the gem, as listed:

  • The red Fruit Gem resembles an apple.
  • The white Fruit Gem resembles a cantaloupe.
  • The green Fruit Gem resembles a melon.
  • The yellow Fruit Gem resembles a lemon.
  • The purple Fruit Gem resembles a pear.
  • The orange Fruit Gem resembles an orange.
  • The blue Fruit Gem resembles a bunch of grapes.


A Fruit Gem is earned when either the Chain Meter is maxed out or a Mega Fruit Bonus is received. At this point, which replaces it with either a normal gem or at the higher priority, a Bomb Gem or Locked Gem.

When detonated, similar to the Hypercube; a Fruit Gem will remove all locks, and destroy all gems and Bomb Gems of its own color. In addition, other Fruit Gems of the same color will explode like the effect of a Flame Gem and award double the base point value compared to the initial Fruit Gem that was detonated.

Detonated Fruit Gems will extend all Bomb and Doom Gems' counters by 10. This applies even if a Bomb Gem ticks down to zero when a Fruit Gem is detonated.

Strategies and Tips[]

It's the only Special Gem appears in 3 modes, Zen, Classic and Blitz by only maxing out x10 multiplier in the game.

On Classic Mode, created Fruit Gems won't change their color; upon level completion, the Fruit Gem will instead appear in a different position at the start of a new level. This doesn't in Zen mode since the gems and Special Gems do not shuffle after completing a level. If a second Fruit Gem is detonated, the "Mega Bonus" challenge will not reset back to "Bonus" challenge. However, this is a risky move on higher levels.

If a Bomb Gem of the same color is destroyed by a Fruit Gem of the same color, the player will not be given the extra notch.

Making a double or triple match will double or triple the points of a Fruit Gem detonation, which can be useful to rack up a lot of points and pass levels quickly.

If the player has two of the same colored Fruit Gems, the second Fruit Gem will act like a Flame Gem, with twice the base points given compared to the Fruit Gem that was detonated. Be careful to not have two of the same colored gems on the board, because it could decrease player's survivability in their run, especially in the mobile version, where the second Fruit Gem does nothing but disappears. In the rare event where a match clears two Fruit Gems of the same color, the Fruit Gem closest to the top left corner will clear the board of all gems of the Fruit Gem's color and the other Fruit Gems will act like a Flame Gem.

When a x10 multiplier is maxed out completely in both Classic and Blitz Modes, the Chain Meter will target Bomb Gems (if their counter is below 10) with the lowest counter and turn it into a Fruit Gem, awarding the player a small amount of points as well. The same applies to Locked Gems (only in Classic Mode). In the rare event where two Bomb Gems are on the same counter, the Bomb Gem closest to the top left corner will turn into a Fruit Gem. The same applies for multiple Locked Gems assuming there are no Bomb Gems that have a counter of 9 or less.



  • When a Fruit Gem is earned in the mobile version, the text "Fruit Gem awarded!" will appear on the top. Also in the mobile version, unlike other versions, the color of the Fruit Gem will change every time you completed a level in Classic and Zen.
  • The PC README document of Bejeweled Twist incorrectly mentions that Fruit Gems are also capable of replacing a Doom Gem when earned.[1]
  • The Fruit Gem is the only type of gem in Bejeweled Twist in which a unique notification does not appear when the gem is seen for the first time. However, it is possible to make the notification appear in the game as normal by modifying a certain document that is located inside the game files.
  • If there are multiple bomb gems, the Fruit Gem will replace the one with the lowest number.
  • In the PC version of Bejeweled Twist, Fruit Gems will have sparkles appearing from the center of it.
    • This feature doesn't exist in the online version, however.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フルーツジェム
Furūtsu Jemu
Fruit Gem
Spanish Joya fruta Fruit Jewel
French Gemme fruit Fruit Gem
German Frucht Fruit
Italian Gemma di Frutta Fruit Gem
Portuguese Fruta Fruit



  1. ...If you fill this rainbow Chain Meter, your Score Multiplier does not increase, but a bolt of energy flies out from the Tube and converts one of your Locked, Bomb or Doom Gems into a Fruit Gem... — Bejeweled Twist, RENAME document