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Frugal is a custom challenge created by SlinkyCoil, and is the tenth challenge in the Challenge Pack. It becomes available by completing the first puzzle of Timerunner.

The puzzles of Frugal involve clearing specific numbers of gems within given match limits.

Completing the first puzzle of Frugal unlocks Professional, the next challenge in the Challenge Pack.


Name Description
Frugal 1 Clear 30 Gems in less than 5 matches
Frugal 2 Clear 60 Gems in less than 10 matches
Frugal 3 Clear 100 Gems in less than 15 matches
Frugal 4 Clear 150 Gems in less than 25 matches
Frugal 5 Clear 180 Gems in less than 30 matches
Frugal 6 Clear 230 Gems in less than 40 matches
Frugal 7 Clear 300 Gems in less than 50 matches
Frugal Eclipse Clear as many gems as you can in less than 50 matches


  • Most first-time players might register the objectives as turn-based rather than based on how many matches are made.
  • All levels will indicate gems cleared by how much the tube is filled and how many matches were made on the display, whereas the eclipse is the opposite.
  • Newly spawned gems will not cascade due to the nocascades parameter being present in all levels.
  • Maximizing the amount of gems in a match is ideal for the challenge.


  • The planet that represents Frugal resembles the planet Mars, albeit earthlike.
  • During development of the Challenge Pack, one of the levels in Strategy was the inspiration for Frugal and was moved to this challenge.
  • Depending on the strategy used, more than 1,000 gems can be cleared during the eclipse and can take longer than 45 minutes.[1]