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Appearance(s): Bejeweled Stars
"FrostBlooms count down and explode in a diamond shape when they reach zero!"
— Description from Bejeweled Stars

The FrostBloom is a special board gem that appears in Bejeweled Stars. They first begin appearing in Garden of Ice, level 236.


FrostBlooms resemble eight-point snowflakes, with four of its points being larger than the rest. A blue sphere rests in the circle within the FrostBloom, with its counter on top.


FrostBlooms randomly generate and fall from the top of the board. They cannot matched with themselves or destroyed by the effect of other Special Gems, though usage of a Hammer can trigger its function instantly.

FrostBlooms have a predetermined counter on top of them, which decreases after every move. When the counter reaches 3, it will begin to tremble. If the counter reaches zero, it will freeze and clear surrounding gems in a diamond shape (which affects 13 tiles), in similar fashion to a Flame Gem. However, no points will be earned whenever this happens.



  • This special board gem is very similar to the Bombs from Bejeweled 2, except the explosion is different.