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Template:PriteFight Back the Swarm is the third level in Meadowlark Trail and the three hundred fifty eighth level in Bejeweled Stars. To pass the level, you must collect 350 gems within 30 moves or fewer.


  • You must collect at least 12 Gems per moves for complete the mission. On the other hand, you must make Special Gems and have bonus match every move.
  • 1-2 Butterflies will fly up each move. If you neglect to clear them, You will lose.
  • Players must earn 3,500 score per move for collect 3 stars. The objective is somewhat hard.
  • After 20 moves remain. Gem's color is increasing, orange. Completing this level is harder.


  • FrostBloom can help players for collect gems.
  • Use Jetstream for protect butterfly escape and detonate Special Gems.
  • You need match special gems every moves and detonate them for collect gem as many as you can.