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"Welcome to Felis Island! Finish all 15 levels and get a purrrfect prize!"
— Description from the "Felis' Fantasy" event

Felis' Fantasy (also known as Felis Island) is a event from Bejeweled Stars. Felis is the main of the event. This event requires player complete 15 levels to earn prizes.

Felis' Fantasy is usually takes place in 2 or 3 days. The event consists of 15 levels, each levels with random difficulty.

When complete, the player will earn some rewards (may be changes, depending on next time):

Unlike Corvus' Challenge, when the player fails at any level, the progress won't be reset.


  • Powers are practically recommended to play this event. Unlike Corvus' Challenge, the cost in powers to finish this event will likely lighter outweigh the rewards.
  • Just like in Corvus' Challenge and Henrietta's Harvest, the levels in this event are simply random levels from the main Islands or Daily Challenge. SkyGems can appear just like in normal gameplay.
  • Stars are still earned and are used for completing constellations.