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Felis the StarCat[1] is a character that appears in the Bejeweled series, and is one of the main characters in Bejeweled Stars.

She is a space cat that watches over the constellations, however after an event that causes the stars that formed the constellations to fall, Felis asks the player for help to recover the stars.

Felis often acts as a guide in Bejeweled Stars, as she appears throughout the game, providing tips and help throughout gameplay.


Felis is a stellar-powered cat, with stars surrounding her body. Felis has purple eyes, and is normally black colored, however the stars that shine around her emit purple auras, giving her purple shines. Her chest has a big, glowing white star that shines, and her body overall features several shining stars.

Felis is often seen sitting on a cloud.


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Bejeweled Stars[]

Felis acts as a guide to the player for the first several levels of Bejeweled Stars, giving explanations on how things work, along with Corvus. She also appears throughout several areas of the game's menus.

She also appear as the main of the event, the most prominent is Felis' Fantasy.

Bejeweled Blitz[]

While she does not have a major role in Bejeweled Blitz, Felis appears as a cameo at the end of a game when using the Rising Star Rare Gem, along with Corvus, to promote Bejeweled Stars.

Bejeweled Classic[]

While not directly appearing in Bejeweled Classic, later versions of the game feature a button labelled as "Stars" that redirects the user to Bejeweled Stars (or the store page for Bejeweled Stars if it is not installed), with Felis on top of the button. She is seen sad, but becomes happy when the button is pressed.