Endless Mode Level 1
"Relax with this neverending game."
— Game menu description from Bejeweled 2

Endless is one of the four game modes in Bejeweled 2 available from the start. Unlike the other modes in Bejeweled 2, you cannot lose in this mode.


Since this mode never ends, the player can play as long as he/she wishes and this mode is also great for practicing how to make Power Gems and Hypercubes.

Just like Bejeweled 3's Zen mode, there is a collecting system. In this mode, it is diamonds, and there is a specific order of these diamonds.

Reaching level 281 will unlock a secret mode, called Finity mode.


  • The last diamond is earned on level 280. Levels after this one no longer reward diamonds.
  • This mode, Puzzle mode, and Cognito mode are the only modes in Bejeweled 2 that the player cannot lose.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
SpanishSin finEndless

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