Dijeweled Multiplayer (pronounced "Dee-jeweled"), is a Bejeweled-based fan-project created by Greek programmer Konstantinos Mihalenas, known online as LDinos. It is itself a spin-off game to Dijeweled.

Unlike the original Dijeweled, the multiplayer version allows keyboard controls, which is also the exclusive method to peruse the menu. A mouse control option was added to allow swapping of gems only in v0.7.


Dijeweled Multiplayer reuses the mechanics present in Bejeweled Blitz and later, and is divided into three modes, Time Attack, Avalanche, and Lightning.

Time Attack

Time Attack, modeled after the Local battles mode in Bejeweled Blitz Live, has the player and one opponent (human or computer), compete to make more matches, points, and style points for a best-of-three contest per game. Each player tries to match as much gems as possible in the allotted time, with Multiplier Gems dropping in as a move destroys many gems, similar to Bejeweled Blitz. Gameplay ends after the timer ticks to zero, with both players sharing one timer that does not give pauses for either if they detonate a Lightning Gem or a Hypercube. The player who wins two or more categories wins the game.


A version of Avalanche was revealed as a Beta. This mode works similar to Lightning in Bejeweled 3, where Multiplier Gems are switched in favor of Time Gems that add time to the Time Extension tank that replenishes time after the main timer ends, and also increments by one multiplier level for the time in the tank that is now added to the man timer. Time Gems will be increasingly rare to drop with each higher level, and if both the tank and timer are empty, the game is over. The contest is based solely on points, and the player with the higher score after the game's conclusion wins.

Version History

Bejeweled 3 Chromatic We need more Hypercubes and Star Gems. Bejeweled 3 Stellar

This article is currently under construction. So expect incomplete information on this page.

Version Date Changes
0.0 January 14, 2018 (Public release) This build was released to gather info from testers on CPU useage and FPS statistics.
  • Both Players' boards spawn with operational Keyboard controls.
  • Free-movement of gems.
  • No Timer or Special Gems.
0.1 January 21, 2018

(Private release)

  • Only Player 1's board spawned gems.
  • 60 Seconds "Blitz" mode
  • Flame gems and Lightning gems
  • In-game music
0.2 January 24, 2018

(Private release)

  • Blazing speed
  • iodbc's voice samples
  • Keyboard shortcuts
0.3 January 26, 2018

(Private release)

  • Highlights cells that are being moved
  • Both players' board spawn gems
  • Blitz mode changed to 180 Seconds
  • Supernova gems
0.4 January 27, 2018

(Private release)

  • Main Screen UI
  • Detection and selection of external controllers
  • In-game Statistics UI
0.5a January 31, 2018

(Private release)

  • Valid moves only
0.5b February 5, 2018 (First public release to Discord Server members)
  • 60 Seconds Blitz (renamed to "Time Attack")
  • Including selection to non-operational Avalanche Mode
0.6 February 7, 2018
  • Bot support.
  • Invalid move no longer penalise Speed Chain.
  • Avalanche Mode (partial operation)
0.7 February 13, 2018
  • Lightning Mode (accessible through Avalanche in menu as placeholder).
  • Mouse control support.
  • 180 Seconds Time Attack
  • Separation of Bot names lists (Some are found only in "Godlike" difficulty and some are found only in other difficulties)
0.8 February 23, 2018
  • Avalanche mode (Fully operational)
  • Menu selection now include distinct access for Lightning Mode
0.9 March 5, 2018

(Private Release)

  • Early implementation of Online mode
0.10a March 7, 2018
  • Inclusion of version number in build
  • Increased difficulty for "Hard" and "Godlike" Bots (Faster movement)
0.10b March 12, 2018
  • Increased difficulty for "Hard" and "Godlike" Bots (Prioritises Special Gems)
0.11a March 16, 2018
  • Added Sound control options
0.11b March 17, 2018
  • Fixation of issues found on v0.10b and v0.11a
0.12a March 25, 2018
  • Statistics page
  • Main menu UI changes
  • Partial operation of Online mode
0.12b March 27, 2018
  • Fixes to Online mode
0.13[April Fool] April 1, 2018 (Private Release)
  • Reduced game to 3 colours only
  • Updated lightning particles
  • Updated AHM system
  • Added shaders and removed cpu demanding lighting drawings
  • Fixed pass in avalanche
  • Made last row of gems not check for collision at all (= more fps)
  • 0 is an accepted keyword to write in your username now
  • Changed Lightning multiplier chance system after x12 (now it gets less frequent the more you play)
  • Made some simple effects on 4-gem match creations and above
  • (Online) Gems now also give acceleration/speed info to the server, so gems shouldn't get stuck easily (except if big lags), which means the gem unstucker script wont perform many actions and lag the server
  • Fixed weird bug where 0 would not be accepted
  • Made gem list more than 64 just in case AHM does some tricky stuff
  • Made simple intro screen with new music
  • Added Help section
  • Added some simple gas backgrounds so the game isn't that black-ish
  • Made some scripts a little lighter
  • Changed collision system to a lighter one ( = more fps (from 190 fps -> 230 fps)
  • Changed gem explosion sound effect (from a lightning explosion) to a more representive one
  • Hopefully online is okay now
  • You can paste an IP now
  • New stats for every gamemode (and online aswell)
  • Added coin system
  • Added unlockables (Boards only for now). This is in test development so don't expect all boards to be good appealing to your eyes :)


  • Dijeweled Multiplayer was billed as a non-community effort that was solely produced by LDinos. However, traces of assets from community members can be seen, such as the gem cursor made by Luna Chase, and the voices supplied by iodbc. None of the assets that were present in the original Dijeweled were reprised in the multiplayer variant.
  • Dijeweled Multiplayer was first teased in a video posted by LDinos on January 14th[1]. Later, on February 3rd, a leak of a Screenshot of its 2-player version played by Rubycored and FireWithinMidnight was posted in the Bejeweled Fans Discord server[2].



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  2. The Screenshot in question. (v0.5a)