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This article is about a secret mode.
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Diamond Mine
Diamond Mine Game Mode
In-game music
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This is about the Bejeweled 3 game mode. If you're looking for the original web browser game, see Diamond Mine (game). For the badge, see Diamond, Mine.

"Dig deep to unearth buried treasure"
Bejeweled 3, game menu description

Diamond Mine is a secret game mode in Bejeweled 3 and the mobile counterpart, Bejeweled Classic.

In the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Bejeweled 3, the icon that represents Diamond Mine in the game menu is a pickaxe.

How to unlock

  • In the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo DS versions of Bejeweled 3, it is a secret game mode that becomes available by revealing the first Relic in Quest, achieved by completing four mini-quests.
  • In the mobile (J2ME) version, it becomes available by reaching level 5 in Classic.

Like all the other game modes, this game mode is unlocked by default in Bejeweled Classic, and was one of the three modes to be included in the first release of the game.


Bejeweled 3 PC Diamond Mine Mode How to Play

An overview of Diamond Mine's instructions.

In Diamond Mine, the game board resembles a digging machine with the gems placed inside it. Also included are many dirt squares, which make up the lower rows of the grid. The object of Diamond Mine is to clear the earth by matching gems next to it. Special Gem effects, such as Flame Gem explosions, can remove dirt as well. Between the sixth and seventh rows of the board is a white line called the Dig Line. Upon clearing all the earth above this line, any remaining dirt will rise until the top of it reaches the fifth row of the grid, and new earth will appear at the bottom to simulate digging deeper into the ground. The game will also push existing gems in the upper rows of the board off the top when this happens. For each row of new earth added to the bottom, a depth indicator will increase by 20 meters, while an All Clear (in the event that every dirt square on-screen is removed) increases 40 meters.

Unlike Classic Mode, it is not possible for the player to run out of legal moves in Diamond Mine, and "The Voice" will not say compliments.

Diamond Mine Mode Dark Rock Intro

The dialog box that appears upon encountering dark rock for the first time.

In addition to dirt, Diamond Mine features rocks, stones, and boulders. These are denser than regular earth and thus require extra adjacent matches to clear them. Rocks take two matches to clear them, stones take three matches, and boulders take four. As with dirt, Special Gem effects can break down and remove rocky ground. All Special Gem effects break down rocky ground by two "layers." When the board reaches at least 200 meters, the game will introduce a new type of rocky earth called dark rock. Unlike regular earth and rocky ground, only Special Gem effects can remove dark rocks.

Each game of Diamond Mine begins with only four basic gem types: red, yellow, green, and white. Purple gems will appear once the player makes at least one legal move while blue gems will appear when the board moves up at least two rows (20 meters). Orange gems do not appear in Diamond Mine.

Throughout each game of Diamond Mine, Hypercubes will occasionally drop into the board. There are also Hypercubes embedded in random dirt squares that the player can use once uncovered, but these particular Special Gems appear only from 40 to 120 meters. Basic gems will turn into Hypercubes if the player cannot make any legal moves when the grid moves up.

Above the board is the Timer Bar. Every Diamond Mine game begins with a 90-second time limit. Clearing all the earth above the Dig Line will add 30 seconds to the clock while clearing all the earth on the grid will add 90 seconds. In Bejeweled Classic, the respective time bonuses given are 25 and 70 seconds instead. It is possible for the Timer Bar to exceed its original time limit.

Bejeweled 3 PC Diamond Mine Mode Time Up

The digging machinery breaking down.

When the Timer Bar reaches 30 seconds, "The Voice" will announce a brief warning about the amount of time remaining. When the Timer Bar reaches 15 seconds, the digging machinery will emit a pulsing red glow and a warning sound will play; these effects intensify as the time limit approaches zero. If the time limit runs out, the machinery will break down in a series of explosions and the game will end. (In the mobile version, the gears become rusty and fall)

Upon finishing a game of Diamond Mine, a Stats Screen displaying various information, such as the maximum depth reached and total duration of the game, will appear.


Unlike Classic Mode, the player does not earn points in Diamond Mine by clearing gems. Instead, the player does so by removing dirt squares that contain treasure. Upon unearthing treasure, it will place itself in a cylindrical glass container suspended beneath the game score. No matter how much treasure the player collects, the container will not overflow. The container is absent in the mobile version of Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled Classic; uncovered treasure will float toward the game score and then disappear instead. Listed below are the different kinds of treasures in Diamond Mine, as well as their respective point values and a brief description of each type.

Type Description Point value
Gold consists of sparkling nuggets. It appears throughout each game of Diamond Mine but becomes less frequent as the board reaches deeper depths. 2,000–6,000
Diamonds are shimmering, sparkling crystals that come in four colors of increasing value: cyan, blue, purple, and red. They do not appear until the game board reaches 140 meters. For unknown reasons, the point values awarded when the player unearths diamonds are actually smaller than the numbers that appear. This oddity exists only in the PC and Mac versions of Bejeweled 3. 10,000–25,000
Item DmGem big
Artifacts are various kinds of objects. They appear throughout each game of Diamond Mine until the board exceeds 1,000 meters. Upon uncovering an artifact, it will display its name and point value. However, artifacts do not show their names in the mobile version of Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled Classic. Diamond Mine features a total of 46 unique artifacts. It is possible to collect the same artifact twice in a single game. 7,500–150,000


Bejeweled 3 PC Diamond Mine Mode Tutorial

A tutorial message explaining how to play Diamond Mine.

  • If the player accesses Diamond Mine before playing a Gold Rush mini-quest, the game will arrange the gems in a specific layout and an informative message will appear over a yellow gem. However, this will not happen if the player has disabled hints.
    • The tutorial message appears only in versions of Bejeweled 3 that feature Quest.
  • Pausing the game in Diamond Mine causes the gems to vanish, but they reappear upon resuming the game. This most likely happens to prevent "cheating."
  • Upon resuming a saved game of Diamond Mine, the number of gems that appear will revert to five—red, yellow, green, purple, and white—until the board moves up.
  • It is possible to keep making moves after clearing all the earth above the Dig Line. However, the Timer Bar will still count down during this.
    • If the Timer Bar runs out while the dirt is below the dig line, the board will move up by itself.


Icon Name Description
Bejeweled 3 Diamond Mine Diamond, Mine This badge is awarded for getting specific high scores in Diamond Mine.
Bejeweled 3 Relic Hunter Relic Hunter This badge is awarded for uncovering specific numbers of artifacts in a game of Diamond Mine.


Icon Name Description Value
Bejeweled 3 Diamond Miner Diamond Miner Reach a depth of 200m or lower in Diamond Mine. 10G
Sliver Trophy


  • The name of this game mode is a reference of Diamond Mine, the former name of Bejeweled before it was changed towards it's retail release, due to the name being too similar to that of an existing game called Diamond Mines.
  • The dirts which the addition of rocks, stones and boulders are similar to the Gravel from Bejeweled Stars.
  • In Bejeweled 3, the game awards points in Diamond Mine in the form of currency, which changes depending on the regional version of the game. For example, the English version awards points in the form of dollars.
  • When the depth indicator exceeds 990 meters, it will display "MAX" for the rest of the game. In the Nintendo DS version of Bejeweled 3, the indicator will show "999" instead.
  • It is unknown if it is possible for a game of Diamond Mine to last forever. However, community member Crimson_Kid to this day has been playing 1 consistent game of Diamond Mine and has not lost (as of 7/11/18).
  • Code found in the game files of Bejeweled 3 indicate that Diamond Mine was originally named Buried Treasure.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイヤモンドマイン
Daiyamondo Main
Diamond Mine
Spanish Mina de diamantes Diamond Mine
French Mine de diamant Diamond Mine
German Diamantmine Diamond Mine
Italian Miniera Mine
Portuguese Escavação Excavation
Chinese 钻石矿
Zuànshí Kuàng
Diamond Mine


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