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This page is about the first challenge in Bejeweled Twist. For other uses, see Detonator (disambiguation).

Detonator is the first challenge in Challenge mode. It is available upon accessing the game mode for the first time.

The puzzles of Detonator involve clearing specific numbers of gems in one move each. Certain puzzles also prohibit the use of Lightning Gems; clearing them negates any progress made toward the puzzle status. However, no penalties occur for creating Lightning Gems in those puzzles. The challenge's Eclipse puzzle features a different goal, which involves acquiring the largest amount of points possible in one move within a given time limit.

Completing the first puzzle of Detonator unlocks Spectrum, the next challenge in Challenge mode.


Name Description
Detonator 1 Destroy 8 gems in 1 move
Detonator 2 Destroy 12 gems in 1 move without using any Lightning
Detonator 3 Destroy 15 gems in 1 move
Detonator 4 Destroy 18 gems in 1 move without using any Lightning
Detonator 5 Destroy 25 gems in 1 move
Detonator 6 Destroy 35 gems in 1 move
Detonator 7 Destroy all gems on board in 1 move
Detonator Eclipse Get the highest single move score possible in 3 minutes


Detonator's Eclipse puzzle incorporates the same basic scoring mechanics as those in Zen. However, base point values in the Eclipse puzzle can only be multiplied via the Simultaneous Match Multiplier. This is because the Score Multiplier is absent in Challenge.


  • Clearing Supernova Gems also negates progress in the puzzles that prohibit using Lightning Gems.


Early Detonator Challenge

An early screenshot of Bejeweled Twist, with the challenge description telling the player to clear 40 gems in one move.

  • A detonator is a device or small quantity of explosive used for triggering a high explosive.
  • The challenge titles of Detonator and Enigma in the PC version of Bejeweled Twist are the same color.
  • An early screenshot of the game suggests that Detonator once had a challenge that required the player to clear 40 gems with a single move. This was presumably the sixth challenge of Detonator.
  • In the Nintendo DS version, because the Score Multiplier feature is still being used across all challenges in the Challenge mode even though it isn't visible, in the Eclipse challenge of Detonator, it's possible to create chains and increase the score multiplier for base point values as opposed to the PC version, which has a fixed point multiplier. This therefore makes it a lot easier to exceed the 31,665 point mark, the record for the PC version, in the DS version.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デトネータ
Spanish Detonador Detonator
French Détonateur Detonator
German Detonator Detonator
Italian Detonatore Detonator
Portuguese Detonador Detonator