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Appearance(s): Bejeweled Stars
"Ooooh! A DarkSphere! Very mysterious!"
— Description from Bejeweled Stars

DarkSphere (known as the Dark Hypercube in early versions) is a special gem exclusive to Bejeweled Stars. It is created by making a horizontal or vertical match of 6 or more gems, only possible during a cascade (or by creating a layout with Tile Swappers or Hypercubes).


A DarkSphere is a black glowing orb, with white cross outline appearing throughout the entire sphere. Like Hypercubes, a DarkSphere spins, with small energy lines spinning around the DarkSphere.


Since a DarkSphere is created by a match of 6 gems or more, the creation of a DarkSphere is only possible by creating a cascade.

When a DarkSphere is swapped with a normal gem, it turns all gems of the same color into Hypercubes.

When swapped with Hypercube or another DarkSphere, it will clear all gems from the board, similar to swapping it with another Hypercube; albeit granting extra points (and even more extra points with two DarkSpheres).

Stars Level 446

Three Darkspheres on Level 446.


  • In the removed introduction cutscene from Bejeweled Stars, the DarkSphere is responsible for causing the constellations to shatter.
  • The way this special gem is created is similar to the Supernova Gem from previous Bejeweled series games such as Bejeweled Twist and Bejeweled 3, though the gems function differently when used.
  • Levels 271, 446 and 761 only have 4 colors. This increases the chances of creating Hypercubes and DarkSpheres.
  • Unlike other special gems, DarkSpheres cannot be destroyed by special gem effects.
  • The sound effect of the Hypercube when created and destroyed also used for the DarkSphere.
  • Blackholes are the only userless destruction of DarkSpheres. When the blackhole reaches 0 and retracts in the highlighted area. Instead of turning all gems of the same color to Hypercubes, it will clear gems of any color randomly.



The sound when created. Same as Hypercube.