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"Every 10 moves, a specific color will turn into coal and break!"

- Gameplay description from Dijeweled Remastered.[]

Countdown is the secret mode in Dijeweled Remastered. Similar to the Blitz mode, the game started with 5 minutes but moves left and the color to transform appear. This mode requires player destroy as many coals as you can, and in the end earn as many points as possible! Every 10 moves, the color that is displayed on the left will be transformed to coal and break. Your priority is to have as many gems of that color before the counter gets to 0. The game ends after 5 minutes.

Countdown mode
Countdown mode.[]


Started with 5 minutes gameplay, is very basic, with only Flame Gems and Lightning Gems. Each match the number from moves left decrase by 1. When it reach zero, the color displayed will turn the coal and break. There is no bad gems in here. After 5 minutes, the Last Hurrah destroy all special gems like Bejeweled Blitz.


The Hypercube doesn't appear in mode.

The Countdown mode is already unlocked after beginning of the game.