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"Beat 5 levels in a row to gain prizes! Losing a level resets you to the beginning..."
— Description from the "Corvus' Challenge" event

Corvus' Challenge is an event from Bejeweled Stars. Corvus is the main character of the event. This event requires the player to win 5 levels in a row without losing in order to earn prizes.

Corvus' Challenge is usually takes place in 2 days. The event consists of 5 levels, each level with random difficulty.

If the player passes all 5 levels without failing, they will receive (may be changes, depending on next time):

If the player fails or quits, the progress will reset and they will lose a heart. However, if the player fails at the first level, they will lose a heart but since they're already on the first level, there will be no progress to be reset.


  • Powers are practically required to play this event. The cost in powers to finish this event will likely heavily outweigh the rewards.
  • Just like in Felis's Fantasy and Henrietta's Harvest, the levels in this event are simply random levels from the main Islands. SkyGems can appear just like in normal gameplay.
  • Stars are still earned and are used for completing constellations.