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Compact is a custom challenge created by SlinkyCoil, and is the sixth challenge in the Challenge Pack. It becomes available by completing the first puzzle of Scoreboard.

The puzzles of Compact involve various challenges on a 4x4 grid.

Completing the first puzzle of Compact unlocks Strategy, the next challenge in the Challenge Pack.


Name Description
Compact 1 Make 2 red matches in a row
Compact 2 Score 6,000 points in 5 minutes
Compact 3 Clear 50 gems in 20 moves
Compact 4 Break 10 locks in 3 minutes
Compact 5 Create a x3 cascade
Compact 6 Make 50 matches in 3 minutes without using any Flame
Compact 7 Explode 5 Flame Gems in 1 move
Compact Eclipse Clear as many gems as you can in 3 minutes


  • Players are restricted to creating Flame Gems as the grid is too small to create sets of 5+ gems.
  • On rare occasions, when starting the challenge, there is a chance a match is made without making a move.


  • The planet that represents Compact resembles the planet Uranus.
  • The eclipse is the same as Bonanza, only on a 4x4 grid.
  • The challenge's visualizer, Viz2D, displays the planetary backdrop of the previous challenge or level. If a level is restarted, the backdrop changes to this challenge's backdrop if Visualizers were to be disabled.