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Classic Chuzzle
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Classic Chuzzle is one of the five gamemodes in Chuzzle. In this game mode, there are two difficulty modes with Casual and Expert. When the player creates a new profile in Chuzzle, this mode will automatically be played in Casual difficulty.


The goal for the player is to match three or more Chuzzles in order to fill in the flask. After the flask is completely filled, the player advances to the next level with additional points depending on the level he/she is playing on(for example, completing level 5 will give the player 5,000 points) but capped at 10,000 points (for example, completing level 14 will only give the player 10,000 points). Depending on the difficulty, Puzzle Locks will randomly appear after a few levels in Casual difficulty or at any time in Expert difficulty, making the game mode harder. As the level increases, the flask requires more Chuzzles to be matched in order to fill it and the frequency of Puzzle Locks increases slowly in Casual difficulty or at a increased rate in Expert difficulty. In expert mode, the player will earn points faster and bonus points will award with twice of the level (for example, completing level 3 will give the player 6,000 points) but still capped at 10,000 points.

If no more possible moves can be made, a Scramble option will appear in order to scramble the board as well as removing all Puzzle Locks from Chuzzles. This will use up a Scramble however and the player is given two Scrambles at the start of the game, with up to three additional Scrambles if the player manages to score certain amounts of points. The game ends if player ran out of possible moves and Scrambles.


Trophy Name Description
T07 Big Boy Complete a game of Classic Chuzzle or Speed Chuzzle without clearing a Fat Chuzzle.
T12 Chuzz 10! Reach level 10 in Classic Chuzzle or Speed Chuzzle.
T14 Lockmaster! Clear three or more Puzzle Locks in a single move.
T20 Flawless! Complete a game of Classic Chuzzle or Speed Chuzzle without performing an invalid move.
T26 Brainiac Complete a game of Classic Chuzzle or Speed Chuzzle without using the Hint button.


  • The background music for this mode is identical to that in Mind Bender.
  • In the J2ME mobile version of Chuzzle, both Casual and Expert difficulty were split into 2 game modes, which means you can play and save both difficulty modes at the same time.