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This article is about the Classic game mode in Bejeweled Twist. If you're looking for the game mode in Bejeweled 2 and Bejeweled 3, see Classic.

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"Watch out for ticking Bombs!"

-Bejeweled Twist, play menu description

Classic is the primary game mode of Bejeweled Twist. The game mode involves attempting to score as many points as possible while destroying Bomb and Doom Gems before their counters reach 0.

Like Zen, this is one of the game modes available directly from the start.


Classic involves attempting to score as many points as possible before any Bomb or Doom Gem reaches 0.

Gameplay features basic rules. Scoring points fills up the Levelup Tube on the left side of the screen. When it is full, the player will go to the next level, and will receive stars equivalent to the current level number. As the player reaches later levels, more points are required to proceed to the next level, although the score multiplier increases up to 10x if a long enough chain is built.

Beginning with level 2, the Bonus Challenge activates. Matching the gems shown on the display in order will award the player 8 notches for the Chain Multiplier and destroys a Bomb or Locked Gem (if there are none, 3 more notches will be awarded instead).

Different types of gems begin appearing in later levels.

  • Beginning with level 2, Bomb Gems begin appearing on the game board.
  • Beginning with level 3, Coals begin appearing on the game board.
  • Beginning with level 4, Locks will begin appearing on the game board.
  • Beginning with level 13, Doom Gems begin appearing on the game board.

Later levels see the increased frequency of Bomb Gems and Locked Gems as well as having the Bomb and Doom Gems start at lower counts. Bomb Gems' counters start at 20, with one less counter for each level cleared, while Doom Gems' counter start at 13 (on level 13) and 10 (on level 14). Starting at level 15, Bomb Gems and Doom Gems will spawn with their counters at 7 and 9, respectively.

If a Bomb Gem's counter reaches 0, the Disarm Spinner will initiate, giving the player one last chance to disarm the bomb. If the Spinner lands on a pair of gems, the game will continue, and any Bomb and Doom Gems still on the board will increase their counters by 6. However, If the Spinner lands on a pair of skulls, the Bomb Gem will explode and end the game. The chance to continue decreases each time the Disarm Spinner is encountered, until there is only 1 pair of gems remaining on the wheel. If a Doom Gem's counter reaches zero, the Doom Gem will explode instantly with no chance to disarm it, ending the game.


  • During the level-up sequences of Classic, several PopCap characters can be seen flying in UFOs, including:
    • A Chuzzle from Chuzzle.
    • Lex from Bookworm.
    • Snackers the Cat.
    • Hans P. Froggendorfer from Zuma.
    • Splork from Peggle.
  • It is normally not possible to run out of available moves (unless the player makes non-matching twists), as the game always makes sure there is at least one move possible; however, there may be several occasions that the player can end up without a valid move, due to a glitch.