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Standard Bejeweled gameplay - play until you run out of moves!"

— Game menu description from Dijeweled Remastered.

Classic is the mode in Dijeweled Remastered. It played like previous games, but the Ice will appear randomly on the board. This is the basic mode with no time limit at all. The aim is to move the gems to make a row of 3, with each row of 3 you make they will shatter and bring others to the grid on the same row of where the smashed. Each time a row of 3 has been smashed the bar at the bottom will advance, fill the bar to go to the next stage. The game ends when the "No more moves" text appear.

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Note: Ice gem will appear and cause the gem stop falling down, making this gamemode a lot of harder than it sounds!

It is not recommended to use matchless moves.

Classic remaster
Ice appears.[]
Level 1 in Classic mode.[]


Is very basic,  with only the basic gems, Flame Gems (known as Power Gems in Bejeweled 2), Lightning Gems (known as Star Gem on Bejeweled 3, Bejeweled Classic and Bejeweled Stars), and Hypercubes. There is no time limit per level, as the player advances to the next level when the bar at the bottom of the board is filled as you play. 


Always keep as many Hypercubes and Special gems as you can, because they are be incredibly useful when you are stuck in the game. They also help you last longer.

Matching gems lower in the board will displace higher ones, potentially creating but also breaking possible matches so it is best to always try to match gems as high as possible and match lower gems when no other moves are available.