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Chromatic is a custom challenge created by SlinkyCoil, and is the second challenge in the Challenge Pack. It becomes available by completing the first puzzle of Match Bomb.

The puzzles of Chromatic involve completing various color-based challenges within given move limits, time limits or both.

Completing the first puzzle of Chromatic unlocks Focus, the next challenge in the Challenge Pack.


Name Description
Chromatic 1 Clear 20 red gems in 30 moves
Chromatic 2 Clear 60 orange gems in 5 minutes
Chromatic 3 Clear 60 non-yellow gems in 40 moves
Chromatic 4 Get 32 green gems onscreen in 5 minutes
Chromatic 5 Make 5 blue matches in a row in 3 minutes
Chromatic 6 Make 6 violet matches in a row in 80 moves
Chromatic 7 Clear 80 white gems in 200 moves in 5 minutes
Chromatic Eclipse Clear as many non-green gems as you can in 50 moves



A screenshot of the Challenge Pack during early development

  • During development of the Challenge Pack and prior to the pack's creation, Chromatic was originally known as Colormatic.
  • This is the first challenge that has a level that makes use of both a time limit and move limit.
  • The eclipse level of Chromatic is a turn-based version of Preserver's eclipse level.