Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction Planet
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Chain Reaction is the fourth challenge in Challenge mode. It becomes available by completing the first puzzle of Coal Mine.

The puzzles of Chain Reaction involve making chains (consecutive matches of gems). Certain puzzles also must be completed within given time limits. Doom Gems appear during the Eclipse puzzle in attempt to hinder progress.

Completing the first puzzle of Chain Reaction unlocks Gem Fall, the next challenge in Challenge mode.


Puzzle Objective
Chain Reaction 1 Make a chain of 15 matches.
Chain Reaction 2 Make a chain of 25 matches.
Chain Reaction 3 Make a chain of 40 matches.
Chain Reaction 4 Make a chain of 50 matches within five minutes.
Chain Reaction 5 Make a chain of 65 matches within five minutes.
Chain Reaction 6 Make a chain of 85 matches within five minutes.
Chain Reaction 7 Make a chain of 100 matches within five minutes.
Chain Reaction Eclipse Make the longest chain possible within three minutes.


  • A chain reaction is a series of events so related to each other that each one initiates the next.
  • The planet that represents Chain Reaction in the PC and Mac versions of Bejeweled Twist resembles the planet Mars.
  • The Bejeweled Twist README file strangely does not mention the five-minute time limits that Chain Reaction's fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh puzzle must be completed within.
  • According to early screenshots of Bejeweled Twist, Chain Reaction was originally the sixth challenge.
  • According to evidence found inside the game files of Bejeweled Twist, the original name of this challenge was Chain Gang.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
GermanKettenreaktionChain Reaction
ItalianReazione a catenaChain Reaction
Rensa Hannou
Chain Reaction
PortugueseReação em cadeiaChain Reaction
SpanishReacción en cadenaChain Reaction