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Ceti Alpha V is the third of Puzzle mode's seventeen planets. It becomes available when any four of Tau Heximus' five puzzles have been solved.

Puzzle Mode Tutorial 3

The puzzles of Ceti Alpha V introduce Hypercubes, and a brief tutorial regarding this type of Special Gem is given upon accessing the planet for the first time. All the puzzles are arranged in various formations and patterns. Every puzzle except the first contains at least one Hypercube, with certain puzzles having more than others do.

Completing any four of Ceti Alpha V's five puzzles unlocks access to Seraph III, the next planet in Puzzle mode.


  • According to Armands Auseklis, the name of the planet's backdrop is "Cold Visions".[1]
    • The backdrop was posted on the internet on October 22, 2002; more than 2 years before the release of Bejeweled 2.


Backdrop Variants