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Butterfly levels are one of the seven level types in Bejeweled StarsThis level type first appeared at Level 16 (Say Hello to My Little Friends) in Gustygale Gully Island.


To complete a butterfly level, the player must collect a specific number of butterflies on each board. It can be done by matching them with regular gems or detonating special gems.


Butterfly levels aren't complicated to complete, but must be careful when butterflies get closer to the top of the board. If the players don't match gems to drop the butterflies, they will fly away and it will result in an instant game over.

In certain levels, butterflies also appear as the summoned object, without the goal. Butterfly will move one tile upward when you make a match, regular gems will be moved to the bottom and replace a butterfly, which may stop you from creating special gems. However, the movement may be prevented by utilizing special tiles, such as the Blackhole or Cloud.

Special gems are useful in collecting butterflies, especially the Flame Gem, its burst area can help make the butterfly collecting process a whole lot easier.

If you're having trouble clearing a butterfly, try making a match below it or using the Flutter Gust. This power can be helpful by push butterflies down three cells.