Bejeweled Blitz PC Boost Menu

The Boost selection menu, as it appears in the PC version of Bejeweled Blitz.

"Use Coins to buy Boosts to enhance your game play."
— Main Menu description from Bejeweled Blitz.

Boosts are special power-ups that appear in Bejeweled Blitz. It is unlocked with a bonus 20,000 coins for the player to spend on any of it after the player beats a PopCap friend's score when playing Bejeweled Blitz for the first time. Using up a boost for the first time will unlock the Weekly Leaderboard.


Boosts can be accessed by clicking the 'Boost' button on the Main Menu, or, after a game, the Boost Selector will be at the top of the screen on the Stats screen.

Each Boost has a price that must be paid with coins if the player wants to buy one or some Boosts, and if the player cannot afford it, the game will not let the player buy it.

The player can buy up to three Boosts and each Boost bought will last three games. A restart in the middle of a game with a Boost active will consume one of its games.

List of Boosts

Facebook and iOS/Android versions

Image Name Description How to unlock
Facebook iOS/Android
Scrambler (New Blitz) Scrambler Each USE scrambles all gems on the board and adds +200 to the Blazing Speed meter. Unlocked by default. Play one Weekly Leaderboard game.
Extra Time (New Blitz) Extra Time Adds 5 seconds to the end of the game, plus a SCORE BONUS per match made in this duration. Play two Weekly Leaderboard games.
Mystery (New Blitz) Mystery Every match made has a CHANCE to transform a random regular gem into a special gem. Play three Weekly Leaderboard games.
Detonator (New Blitz) Detonator Detonates all special gems on the board with an additional MULTIPLIER BONUS. Two uses per game. Play four Weekly Leaderboard games.
Multiplier (New Blitz) Multiplier Transforms a gem to a Multiplier Gem. Triggers after COOLDOWN. Play five Weekly Leaderboard games.
Colorblast Color Blast Transforms 20 gems into the color of previous match. Needs REQUIRED MATCHES to trigger. Upgrade three Boosts to LVL 5 or buy it for 10,000 Gold Bars.
Rarifier Rarifier Converts all like colored gems into the equipped Rare Gem. Can be triggered after COOLDOWN. Upgrade five Boosts to LVL 5 or buy it for 10,000 Gold Bars. Play 100 Blitz Champion contests or buy it for 10,000 Gold Bars.
Hocus Focus Hocus Focus Clear a gem within the target area to get an ever increasing multiplier. Triggers after a COOLDOWN. Finish in the top 10 on 25 Blitz Champion contests or buy it for 20,000 Gold Bars.
Quickfire Quickfire Triggers Blazing Speed and gives a SCORE BONUS for every match made until next 8 secs. Buy it for 25,000 Gold Bars.
Matchmaker Matchmaker Matches gems in a pattern and ADDS score bonus for special gems. Triggers after COOLDOWN. Complete 35 Events missions. Complete 35 Blitz Quest tasks.

PC version

Image Name Description Price
Mystery Gem Green big Mystery Gem Creates a random Special Gem at game start. Silver 3,000
Detonate Button Green big Detonator Detonates all Special Gems on the board. Silver 2,000
Big Scramble Green Scrambler Scrambles all gems on the board. Silver 2,000
5 Seconds Green big +5 Seconds Adds 5 seconds to the end of the game. Silver 3,000
Free Multiplier Green big Bonus Multiplier Creates a x2 Multiplier at game start. Silver 4,000
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