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Not to be confused with Bomb Gem, a similar gem from Bejeweled Twist.

Bomb Bejeweled2
Appearance(s): Bejeweled 2

Bombs are special gems that appear in Bejeweled 2.

Featured in the Puzzle, Finity, and Cognito modes, they have a number displayed on them that counts down after every move, and if they count down to zero, they will explode like a Power Gem; clearing all gems in its area.


Bombs are presented similar to a black sea mine. The lime green-colored counter on top of the Bomb displays up to two digits, and has a digit-like appearence.


Bombs appear in certain puzzles in Puzzle and Cognito, and drop occasionally in Finity. When a match is made, the counter on the Bomb decreases by one. When it reaches 2, the Bomb begins to tremble. When it reaches zero while a move is made, it will explode and destroy the eight surrounding gems, similar to a Power Gem. If the explosion destroys a Power Gem, the Power Gem will detonate as well.


  • The Bomb Gem from Bejeweled Twist and Bejeweled 3 is possibly inspired from this gem.
  • Bomb cannot score any points after explodes except if there are two or more Bombs. However, this only happens in Finity.
  • When a Bomb reaches 0 it does not explode. It explodes after the 0 or supposedly -1.
  • They can appear and automatically explode in Endless if the game is unable to give any valid moves. However, this isn't true if a level starts without any valid moves, in which the game actually ends.