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"Blackholes create and destroy spaces on your board as you make moves! Keep an eye on their countdown!"
— Description from Bejeweled Stars
PicsArt 06-22-04.03.05
Appearance(s): Bejeweled Stars

Blackholes are special tiles that appear in Bejeweled Stars. Introduced in Level 105, Blackholes create and retract spaces on the board as the player makes moves.


Tiles from a black hole can be seen as a row or a column in the center, When the player makes a match or uses the Fast Forward power, the number on the Blackhole decreases by one. When the number on the Blackhole reaches zero, the Blackhole will absorb the tiles and consume the gems occupying them. Special Gems will detonate normally if they are within the Blackhole tiles. When the number reaches zero again, the Blackhole's tiles will emerge and will once again start the counter to absorbing the tiles.

Blackholes cannot be removed by any special effect and power-ups. It is also the only board gimmick that can detonate a DarkSphere.


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