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Welcome to the Bejeweled Wiki, a fan-run wiki all about PopCap Games and Electronic Arts' popular match-3 game franchise, Bejeweled. Everyone can contribute and participate in this comprehensive database for a franchise that has over 500 million players.

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What is Bejeweled?

Bejeweled is a tile match-3 game about matching 3 or more gems in a row to make them disappear, which causes gems above them to fall, creating cascades which can clear many gems at once. Since 2001, PopCap Games single-handedly kickstarted the match-3 craze with their original hit, Bejeweled. Over the next decade, Bejeweled has been improved and refined, with the addition of revolutionary new game mechanics, explosive special gems, and fun new features.

Official_Bejeweled_Franchise_Trailer Bejeweled_Stars_Behind_The_Scenes_of_Bejeweled_Stars Let's_Play_Bejeweled_3_-_01_-_Introduction_&_Classic_Mode

How do I play?

Simple! Match 3 or more gems in a straight line. The enduring simplicity and popularity of Bejeweled have spawned some of the most complex gameplay mechanics seen in any modern puzzle game. As a result, advanced players have devised many tactics, and as the games' mechanics continue to evolve, so have the unique strategies. Thankfully, we have compiled a few of them for your reference on this wiki to get you started.

What's next?

After Electronic Arts' acquisition of PopCap Games, Bejeweled has evolved in the modern era. The release of Bejeweled Stars proved its willingness to break free of the traditional style of gameplay to a challenge-based level system. A major update to Bejeweled Blitz aims to provide an exciting refresh to a Facebook favorite. The most recent product, Bejeweled Champions sees players compete for cash or play for fun in a 3-minute frenzy with brand new visuals, playable on web browser and in downloadable form on smartphones.

How about the community?

Rabid is only an understatement in regards to the fans' opinion on the Bejeweled franchise. Besides holding a Discord server, the community has also produced a wide range of fanmade games as love letters for their well-designed originals.

Bejeweled Fans Discord Server

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Some parts of the Bejeweled experience have to be seen to be believed. Such is this case with Snackers' trip on cat nip. Yep, you read that right.


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