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The Mode Select screen with the Extender. Note that Blitz Mode has a Savefile, the aspect ratio is adjsted to 16:9, and the POV is slghtly different.

Bejeweled Twist Extender is a plugin mod by BoggY, made for Bejeweled Twist. It adds a lot of new features and fixes to the base game, and allows writing additional plugins for the game.


  • Enables Counter-Clockwise Twisting, by default on right mouse button and Enter key.
  • Allows Autosaving for Blitz and timed Challenges.
  • Adds Support for 16:9, 21:9 and other (ultra)wide screen Resolutions.
  • Fixes 3D acceleration.
  • Adds Anti-Skull Gem and Angel Gem crash patch.
    • When a Skull Gem reaches the bottom of the field, the game ends without any animations.
    • When a Angel Gem is cleared, nothing really happens.
  • Allows twisting while other gems are in motion. Is actually very buggy and is disabled by default.

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