Bejeweled Twist
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Release date October 27, 2008

Bejeweled Twist is a tile match 3 game developed and published by PopCap Games. It is the third title and first spin-off game in the Bejeweled series. The game was initially released on October 27, 2008 for PC, and was released on other platforms afterwards.

Bejeweled Twist, unlike other games in the series, is played by rotating four gems clockwise instead of swapping two adjacent gems. The game features four modes, and introduces several new elements to the series, including the Lightning Gem, the Supernova Gem, and Bad Gems.


Gameplay of the game's Classic Mode

Bejeweled Twist plays differently compared to previous entries in the Bejeweled series. Bejeweled Twist involves using a 2x2 cursor to rotate four gems clockwise instead of swapping two adjacent gems. Unlike the other games in the series, matchless moves can be made.

New special gems have been added, including the addition of Lightning Gems and Supernova Gems. Lightning Gems are created when five gems are lined up in a row. When detonated, it destroys all the gems in it's row and column. A Supernova Gem is a powerful gem made by matching six or more gems in a row. When detonated, it destroys all gems in it's rows and columns from a 3x3 radius.

Introduced to Bejeweled Twist are Coals, which cannot be matched, but award bonus points when destroyed by a Special Gem.

New features include the introduction of a Chain Multiplier, which will increase in ticks following consecutive matches. Filling up the chain bar increases the multiplier, multiplying points earned. If a matchless move is made, the chain bar will empty. If another matchless move is made, the multiplier goes down by one. The multiplier maxes out at 10, and if it is filled out twice at the 10th multiplier, a Fruit Gem is spawned. Fruit Gems destroy all the gems of it's color when matched, similar to a Hyper Cube, and destroys all locks on the board and adds extra ticks to Bomb Gems. Another addition is the Bonus Challenge, which is displayed on the bottom left of the status ship. When gems are matched in the order shown on screen, the player is awarded more ticks on the Chain Bar, and one bad gem on board is destroyed. If no Bad Gems are on the board, more ticks are awarded instead. When a Fruit Gem is detonated, the Bonus Challenge becomes the Mega Fruit Bonus. When the Mega Fruit Bonus is completed, the player is awarded massive amounts of points from the dancing Fruit Gems, alongside being awarded another Fruit Gem.

Bad Gems are introduced in Bejeweled Twist, which have a negative impact on gameplay. They appear in every mode except Zen and certain Challenge modes. Bad Gems include the Bomb Gem (which is the most common), which has a counter on top of it that decreases by one number every time a move is made. If the Bomb Gem reaches zero, the player is given the chance to disarm the bomb with the Disarm Spinner. If they succeed, the Bomb Gem will be destroyed and all bombs will have five extra ticks added, but with a lower chance of disarming the next bomb. If they fail, the Bomb Gem destroys the board, ending the game. Locked Gems appear periodically on the game board, and prevent the player from moving the gem. It however, can be matched or destroyed by a Special Gem to destroy the lock. Doom Gems appear later in the game, and cannot be moved or matched. It has a counter that only decreases when a matchless move is made, and instantly explodes when it reaches zero, ending the game.

The play menu in Bejeweled Twist, with all game modes available.

Bejeweled Twist features a total of four different playable game modes, all of which are accessed from the game's Play menu. Only two of the game modes can be played at first, while the remaining game modes become available by fulfilling certain requirements.

The playable game modes in Bejeweled Twist consist of the following:

  • Classic requires the player to disarm Bomb Gems and Doom Gems before they tick down to zero, which, in doing so, will destroy the game board and end the game.
  • Zen is an endless mode. The gameplay is free from bad gems and time restrictions, making it impossible to achieve a game over.
  • Challenge consists of thirteen distinct challenge types of increasing difficulties, each with unique goals and requirements. This mode is unlocked by earning the third Rank in the Windows, Mac OS X, and Nintendo DS versions; or the second Rank in the mobile version.
  • Blitz allows a maximum of five minutes for the player to score as much points as possible. This mode is unlocked by completing the tenth level in the Classic mode in the Windows, Mac OS X, and Nintendo DS versions; or earning the third Rank in the mobile version; or directly in the Steam version.
  • Battle is a multiplayer mode that appears in the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSiWare versions of the game, and involves attacking your opponent by sending Bomb Gems to the opponent's game board, and pushing the progress tube to the edge to win.


Bejeweled Twist was initially released on PC on October 27, 2008.[1] It was originally released on, but became available on other sites. As of now, the game is currently available on Origin for PC and Steam. Following it's initial release, the game was ported to several other platforms.

Web Browsers

Bejeweled Twist was ported to the Adobe Flash Player platform on November 30, 2009. The Flash version of the game only featured Classic and a 3 minute version of Blitz. The online version of the game also lacks the Bonus Challenge feature.

Mobile Phones

On May 7, 2009[2], Bejeweled Twist was ported over to cellphones through Java ME.


A downloadable version of Bejeweled Twist was released on the Nintendo DSi through the Nintendo DSi Shop's DSiWare platform on December 14, 2009.[3] The DSi version contained the PC version's Classic Mode and a brand new exclusive Battle mode, where players who had two DS systems with two copies of the game could battle against each other. A physical version of the game, containing the game's other modes and features, was released on January 19, 2010.[4] The DSiWare version of the game is purchasable through the Nintendo 3DS' Nintendo eShop.


  • This game is one of only two titles in the Bejeweled franchise that allows a player to make a matchless move, the other being Bejeweled Blitz Live.
  • Hovering over the four game mode buttons clockwise (starting with Classic) three times will display the credits for this game.
  • This game also contains unused objects, including gems like Skull Gem and Ice Gem.
  • The gems received a makeover yet again; they all look slimmer, glossier and more realistic. The graphics were reused in Bejeweled Blitz (in the PC version, and eventually Facebook as well) and Bejeweled 3.
  • Although this is not confirmed, the autosave function may break if the game detects it has been cracked or pirated. This detection happens as soon as it is launched from a cracked source, evidenced by the fact that it can reset to the last save from a legitimate source.
  • In the mobile version, there are more tutorials and tips than the other versions (ex. presenting the game mode, warning if a Bomb reaches five,..), each one is called a Twist Tip and appear once per game. However, they can be shown again by choosing Reset Tips in the Options menu. It also uses slightly different rules and has some features removed, for example the Bonus Challenge.


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Windows/Mac version

Mobile version


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When visualizers are disabled in the Windows and Mac versions, the background is replaced with artworks of alien planets, in a similar vein to Bejeweled 2's backgrounds. These also appear in Zen mode even when visualizers are enabled with some special effects.


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