Bejeweled Twist
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Release date October 27, 2008

Bejeweled Twist was the first spin-off and the third game of the Bejeweled series. It was a puzzle video game developed and published by PopCap Games for Windows, Mac OS X, mobile devices (J2ME), Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DSiWare on October 27, 2008. The central game mechanics are changed and many of them are introduced in this game, such as rotating a set of four gems clockwise instead of swapping two gems, the ability to make matchless moves, and the debut of "Bad Gems" such as the Locked Gem, Bomb Gem, and Doom Gem.

Game modes

Bejeweled Twist Play Menu All Unlocked

The play menu in Bejeweled Twist, with all game modes available.

Bejeweled Twist features a total of four different playable game modes, all of which are accessed from the game's Play menu. Only two of the game modes can be played at first, while the remaining game modes become available by fulfilling certain requirements.

The playable game modes in Bejeweled Twist consist of the following:

  • Classic requires the player to disarm Bomb Gems and Doom Gems before they tick down to zero, destroying the game board and ending the game.
  • Zen is an endless mode. The gameplay is free from bad gems and time restrictions, making it impossible to achieve a game over.
  • Challenge consists of thirteen distinct challenge types of increasing difficulties, each with unique goals and requirements. This mode is unlocked by earning the third Rank in the Windows, Mac OS X, and Nintendo DS versions; or the second Rank in the mobile version.
  • Blitz allows a maximum of five minutes for the player to score as much points as possible. This mode is unlocked by completing the tenth level in the Classic mode in the Windows, Mac OS X, and Nintendo DS versions; or earning the third Rank in the mobile version; or directly in the Steam version.


  • This game is one of only two titles in the Bejeweled franchise that allows a player to make a matchless move, the other being Bejeweled Blitz Live.
  • Hovering over the four game mode buttons clockwise three times will display the credits for this game.
  • This game also contains unused objects, including gems like Skull Gem and Ice Gem.
  • The gems received a makeover yet again; they all look slimmer, glossier and more realistic. The graphics were reused in Bejeweled Blitz (in the PC version, and eventually Facebook as well) and Bejeweled 3.
  • Although this is not confirmed, the autosave function may break if the game detects it has been cracked or pirated. This detection happens as soon as it is launched from a cracked source, evidenced by the fact that it can reset to the last save from a legitimate source.
  • In the mobile version, there are more tutorials and tips called Twist Tips than the other versions. It also uses slightly different rules and has some features removed, for example the Bonus Challenge.



Windows/Mac version

Mobile version


See Visualizers


When visualizers are disabled in the Windows and Mac versions, the background is replaced with artworks of alien planets, in a similar vein to Bejeweled 2's backgrounds. These also appear in Zen mode even when visualizers are enabled with some special effects.