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This article contains some beta elements and unused content from the game Bejeweled Stars.

Unused graphics[]

Dark Hyper Graphic[]

BejStars unused placeholder DarkHyper

A placeholder graphic for what might have been the DarkSphere. The image seems to read "Dark Hyper ognp".

Unused sounds[]

Including sounds from previous games.


A higher-quality version of the match sound from Bejeweled Classic.

Bejeweled 3 Chromatic We need more Hypercubes and Star Gems. Bejeweled 3 Stellar

This article is currently under construction, so expect incomplete information. Any help with adding information is greatly appreciated.

Revisional Differences[]


Bejeweled Stars 2 Square Icon

Current icon

Bejeweled Skies Square Icon

Soft launch icon

The game icon went through many different revisions through updates.

Removed Stuff[]

EA tends to have a habit of removing detail in games to "save on game storage", which usually degrades many graphical and audio details.

BejStars removed GemSpinAnimationSprites

Earlier versions of Stars included the series' staple gem spinning animations which play when a gem is selected. These were removed in a later update.


A later update removed "The Voice" from the game entirely.