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Bejeweled Stars (formerly known as Bejeweled Skies during it's soft-launch) is a tile match-3 game developed by PopCap Games and distributed by Electronic Arts. It is the third spin-off title in the Bejeweled series and the first to debut on smart devices. The game was soft-launched in Canada in December 2015, and had a wider release in May 2016.

Unlike previous games in the series, Bejeweled Stars is centered around the completion of levels. Each level has its own objective, and some levels introduce the player to various game mechanics such as currents, clouds, Special Gems and further unique goals. The game also introduces Powers (similar to Boosts) and SkyGems, the latter of which are used to create Powers and items in the Power Lab.

Bejeweled Stars is available for play on iOS, Android and web browsers through Facebook and Pogo.


Bejeweled stars story sequence

Early versions of Bejeweled Stars featured a intro sequence that was cut in later updates.

After completing the initial tutorial sequence, Corvus is seen activating a powerful DarkSphere object. Felis tries to prevent Corvus from activating. However, is too late, the object activates, causing a huge explosion that destroys the constellations that appear in the sky. Felis and Corvus ask the player for help to generate Stars by completing levels.[1]

Later versions of the game cut the animation sequence and mentions of the object destroying the constellations, and simply cut to a part where Felis and Corvus ask the player for help.


Stars FB Level 6

Gameplay of Level 6, which involves detonating a certain amount of Flame Gems in a limited amount of moves.

Unlike previous entries in the series, Bejeweled Stars involves the use of completing levels with different goals, with a limited number of moves the player is allowed to perform. The goals and moves the player can perform differ between each level. The board shape, size and layout differ between stages, but are always below 10x10. Gems cannot be moved into empty spaces. For the first time in the series, gaps can be present inside the game board. Gems can also fall diagonally into empty spaces that have gaps above them.

When no legal swaps are possible, all the normal gems scramble (except Special Gems, SkyGems and butterfly). The amount of gem colors start at a small amount, but begin to increase further in the level, until all 7 colors are present, making it more harder to make matches. A level is lost when the move count reaches zero or a butterfly escapes the game board. Failing to reach a goal or quitting a level will deduct one heart from the Heart Bar. When no more hearts are present, the player cannot play the game until they have at least one heart. Hearts regenerate by one every 20 minutes, and will generate a maximum of 5 hearts (but can be expanded to 6 through a in-app purchase), or can be regenerated by spending coins. Players may win unlimited hearts awards on certain occasions that turns the hearts bar to gold, granting infinite play for a short period of time.

Power Lab Recipes 7

The PowerLab allows the player to use their collected SkyGems to create powers.

Several characters, such as Felis, Corvus, Yama and Henrietta help the player progress and appear throughout several parts of the game. Collectibles known as SkyGems appear on the board periodically, and can be collected to help the player create boost powers in the PowerLab. The PowerLab is a feature that allows the player to create power-ups using their collected SkyGems. Once a power begins creating, the player must wait until it completes, or can watch an advertisement or spend coins to hurry the creation.

A level is cleared when the level's required goals are completed. Clearing a level allows the player to proceed to the next level, but can always replay the completed level for fun or to obtain a higher score. Clearing levels also award Stars, which are obtained by scoring above certain thresholds. Up to three stars can be earned per level, and will form parts of a constellation, in which when completed, awards coins and rewards. Completing full constellations will usually unlock a special power that can be created in the PowerLab. Replaying a level will not award additional stars if they have already been obtained.

The game features a currency system known as Coins. Coins are usually obtained by completing parts of a constellation, but can also be obtained using real-world money through the form of microtransactions. Coins can be used to purchase extra moves either at the start of a level or when a game over occurs, purchase extra lives, to instantly finish the creation of a special power being created at the PowerLab, to purchase necessary SkyGems missing that are required to create a selected Power, or to purchase Emoji Chests at the game store.

Bejeweled Stars features collectibles known as emojis, which are used on the player's profile and answering Yama's daily questions. Emojis are obtained through Emoji Chests, which are obtained after completing one level. Emoji chests unlock after a specified period of time, but can be opened instantly by using coins or Keys created at the PowerLab. Yama the Goat hosts a feature known as the Daily Question, where the player attempts to guess the emoji Yama is thinking of. Answering with any emote will give the player one stamp on the stamp board, but will receive double if the player enters the correct emote. Filling all the stamps reward a selectable silver bonus egg, which contain slightly rarer rewards compared to the other eggs.

The game features a reward system provided by the Surprise Chicken, which lays several eggs which contain awards, but only one can be selected. The player can feed the Surprise Chicken for free every 24 hours or if they have at least one Chicken Treat. However, the player can only feed the Surprise Chicken up to 10 Chicken Treats per day before feeding again.

A daily challenge feature is also available, known as the Daily Challenge. The levels featured in the daily challenge alter every 24 hours on a specified schedule. The Daily Challenge levels play just like the normal or hard levels. However, upon completing the stage, they are rewarded a bronze egg, which contains slightly different but better rewards than the Surprise Chicken eggs. Completing a Daily Challenge level fills up one stamp on the Daily Challenge board. Filling in all six stamps rewards the player a Gold Egg, which contain very rare or powerful rewards.

Events that happen in-game can usually alter some gems to certain objects which fill an event meter, which can grant special awards.

Update History[]

You can see all history at Bejeweled Stars/ Upcoming History.

Description of the game[]

🏆 World Video Game Hall of Fame 2020! 🏆

Bejeweled is now inducted into The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame 2020! It was selected after a careful review by a team of industry experts who hailed Bejeweled as a pioneer of the match 3 genre. Download this path-breaking jewel match 3 game today! 💎💖💎

Bejeweled Stars is an archipelago of jewel-based match-3 puzzles. Discover beautiful islands studded with unique challenges and embark on an adventure filled with surprises, explosions, and playful puzzles.

💎 Match three or more gems to clear objectives

💎 Complete levels and earn rewards

💎 Create boosts to advance faster

💎 Get higher scores and beat your friends


Take your puzzle matching love to the next level with mysterious twists and unique ways to play.

Match gems between jewel encrusted clouds, gem chambers, and free fall cascades. Tackle challenging goals as you blast gravel, rescue floating butterflies, and turn the gameboard gold. With over 1500+ levels, choose from a wide variety of jewel match-3 puzzles every day!


Open chests to reveal exclusive and delightful Bejeweled emojis that let you express your own style and share personal messages. There are hundreds to enjoy as you play including candy and pets. Combine two or more emojis to share a message with your friends. Example –

💎💄 👧🏻 = Bejeweled is a fun jewel match-3 game for girls!


A match 3 game is incomplete without Boosts, ain’t it? Collect brand-new Sky Gems and use them to create special boosts. Use the Star Swapper to blast through difficult spots. Shuffle the gameboard for new matches with the Scrambler. Deploy the boosts you want, whenever you want, and improve your matching strategy.


Earn shining stars with every level you play. Watch as they fill Constellations in the sky and unlock amazing rewards! Gems, Stars, and Constellations make Bejeweled Stars a unique puzzle game. So, get onboard this twinkling jewel game and light up the night sky!


Looking for some friendly competition? Each level has its own leaderboard, making it easy to track progress, compete with friends, and show off your powerful skills. So, share an invite and ask your friends to hop on a glittering ride to match gems, collect emojis, and enjoy the Bejeweled experience.


Bejeweled Stars is popular throughout the year. What makes this jewel match-3 so lovable? The answer is our festive collection events! We have something for every occasion – from Valentine’s to Thanksgiving, Halloween to Christmas! Collect festive gems like cakes, bunnies, turkeys, and roses, and win exclusive rewards.

Join us on this amazing journey today and add some sparkle to your life. 💎✨🌟


Bejeweled is a series of match-3 jewel games created by PopCap. Initially released in 2001, the game was followed by several sequels including Bejeweled Blitz (2009) and Bejeweled Stars (2016). This classic gem puzzle has been downloaded more than 350 million times.


Bejeweled Stars was originally soft-launched in Canada under the title Bejeweled Skies on December 2015. The game would go under many changes following the release of the game through updates. An HTML5 version for Facebook was launched on September 26, 2016. A scaled-down version of the game was released on the Pogo platform on July 25, 2020.

Daily Challenge levels[]

For the list of Daily Challenge levels, see List of Bejeweled Stars Daily Challenge levels.


The game story is followed on a Island Map where the player can select a level to play. Levels are randomly generated and are divided into two categories:

  • Normal Level: The player has to complete some certain goals with a limited amount of moves. First appeared in level 1, common to find.
  • Hard Level: Similar to the Normal Levels, but with a higher difficulty. Hard levels may take multiple attempts to win. First appeared in level 28, uncommon to find.

For the list of levels, see List of Bejeweled Stars levels.

Types of levels[]

There are many types of level missions. Below is a list of mission types.


  • Flame Swapper: Turn any gem to a Flame Gem.
  • Scrambler: Scramble the board.
  • Hammer: Smash any gems on the board.
  • Flutter Gust: Move all Butterflies down one cell.
  • Fast Forward: Move everything forward once without using a move.
  • Tide Turner: Reverse the direction of Currents.
  • Star Swapper: Turn any gem to a Star Gem.
  • Tile Swapper: Swap any two tiles and their contents.
  • Hyper Swapper: Turn any gem to a Hypercube.
  • Mystery Gem: Places a random Special Gem on your board.
  • Moustache: Turn any color of the gems to moustache, and increase the base score 30% than normal.
  • Detonator: Clear all Special Gems on the board.
  • MicroScrambler: Scrambles a 3 by 3 square of gems.
  • Charm Key: Reward 3 keys to unlock Emoji Chests immediately without waiting.
  • Chicken Treat: Feed Henrietta when she's hungry.
  • WildBull: Destroy all the gems in any three rows of your board.
  • Blazing Steed: Turns every gem in the bottom 3 rows to Flame Gems.
  • PhoenixPrism: Randomly chooses a color on the board and turns 6 of that color gem into PhoenixPrism gems.
  • Starwhal: Changes five random gems into Star Gems.
  • RainDeer: Turn all blue gems to DewDrop Gems.

Special Gems[]

Alongside previous special gems such as Flame Gems, Star Gems and Hypercubes returning, Bejeweled Stars introduces 2 new special gems: the DarkSphere and FrostBloom. Changes have been made to several Special Gems in Bejeweled Stars:

  • Flame Gems can now be created by matching gems in a 2x2 square.
  • When a Hypercube is swapped with a Flame or Star Gem, the Hypercube will transform all normal gems of the swapped special gem of it's color into special gems (Flame or Star).
  • Multiple special gems cannot be created in a single match in certain formations.

Exclusive to Bejeweled Stars, it is possible to swap two special gems together to create a combined explosion effect, which results in several different effects depending on the Special Gems that have been combined.


  • Flame Gem: Created by matching 4 gems in a row or 2x2 square, Flame Gems blasts surrounding gems in a 3x3 area when matched.
  • Star Gem: Created by matching gems in a L, T or + shape, Star Gems blast all gems on the Star Gem's row and column when matched.
  • Hypercube: Created by matching 5 gems in a row, Hypercubes destroys all the gems of the same color of the gem swapped with on the board.


  • DarkSphere: Created by matching 6 or more gems in a row, DarkSpheres transform all the gems of the same color of the gem swapped into Hypercubes.
  • FrostBloom: Randomly appearing on game board in certain levels beginning with Level 236, FrostBlooms destroy several surrounding gems in a diamond shape after it's counter reaches zero, which counts down by one every move. However, no points will be earned whenever this happens.

Board elements[]

Several boards have gimmicks that help or hinder the player's progress, such as:

  • Current: It will shift the positions of the gems on top of it to the direction signalized every time a move is made.
  • Cloud: Allow the player to move the gems on top of it to an empty cloud slot of which they desire without using a move.
  • Glacier: It will move to the next position in a predetermined direction in a loop every time a move is made.
  • Blackhole: Create and retract spaces every time a move is made.
  • Chamber: Allow the player to move gems inside the Chamber without using a move.
  • JetStream: Lets the player fling a gem to the opposite direction of which it entered the JetStream, destroying gems in it's lane.
  • Portal: It will transport gems and other movable elements from one end to another.


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  • Bejeweled Stars is the first game in the Bejeweled series:
    • to be made using the Unity engine.
    • to not feature the involvement of series designer Jason Kapalka, who departed from PopCap in 2014.
    • to use the 2015-16 brand logo.
    • in which the gameplay is solely to complete challenges.
    • where a gem cannot be moved into an empty slot.
  • Bejeweled Stars were previously featured the spinning gem animations in the game, however all the gem animations were got removed in later updates.
  • In the iOS version 14.5 or higher, the game lacks "The Voice" for unknown reason.
  • Bejeweled Stars was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres show in 2016.[2]