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This is about the Windows 8 version. For the Windows Phone versions, see Bejeweled LIVE (Windows Phone 7) and Bejeweled Live +.

Bejeweled Live (Windows 8)
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Release date February 1, 2013

Bejeweled LIVE is a tile match-3 game developed and distributed by PopCap Games, released on the Microsoft Store (previously known as the Windows Store) on February 1, 2013 as a port of Bejeweled 3 for the Microsoft Design Language, originally created for Windows 8.

As a game for the Windows 8 operating system, it highlights the integration with achievements and leaderboards in Xbox network. Unlike Bejeweled 3, the game only has 3 game modes in total, including Classic, Butterflies and Diamond Mine.

This game had the option to download a free trial before purchasing the game, where it limited the player to a maximum of 10 levels in Classic mode without Xbox network integration.

Bejeweled LIVE was available until it was delisted from the Microsoft Store on December 2018. After this date, it could no longer be purchased from the Microsoft Store.

Differences from Bejeweled 3[]

  • The main menu music uses the Bejeweled 2 Theme, the main menu theme used in Bejeweled 2.
  • The main menu uses the general UI style seen in Windows 8.
  • Bejeweled LIVE does not feature Badges, with Xbox-integrated achievements in its place.
  • The music in all modes is oddly lower-pitched and plays slightly slower.
  • The game features a very choppy frame rate.
  • The options menu, accessed by clicking MENU in-game, uses Windows 8's native menu instead of it's own.
  • The sound effect for Star Gems is very highly pitched.
  • The game board is always aligned to the center of the screen.
    • The score and menu UI is always aligned to the farthest left side of the screen.
    • When a level is completed, the score and UI abruptly disappear from the screen.
  • The backgrounds are always static.
    • When the window is resized, the background does not dynamically crop, but squeezes or stretches to fill the whole window.
  • The full 3D distortion of the backgrounds is ported from Bejeweled 3. When the player completes a level, a crystal sphere zooms in, similar to the online versions and PC versions without 3D acceleration.
  • If the window is shrunken enough, the game will pause and will display a quick menu. The game will resume when the window is resized to its minimum required size.
  • On the trial version, there is a "Coming Soon" icon in the main menu, which indicated that more game modes would come in the future, though this never occurred as PopCap had not supplied the game with more features after release. The icon was removed in a later update.


  • All Xbox profile data and leaderboards were reset on August 12, 2021, after a 4-day server crash.

Achievement List[]

Icon Name Description Reward
Friendly FireLIVE Friendly Fire Detonate a Flame Gem 5G (Xbox Live)
Butterfly Bonanza Butterfly Bonanza Collect 5 Butterflies in 1 move 5G (Xbox Live)
Blaster Master Blaster Destroy 50 Gems in 1 move 5G (Xbox Live)
Chroma Collector Chroma-Collector Destroy 20 of every color in Classic Mode 10G (Xbox Live)
Monarch Butterfly Butterfly Monarch Score 250,000 Points in a Single Butterflies game 10G (Xbox Live)
Butterfly GuardianLIVE Butterfly Guardian Save 70 Butterflies in a single Butterflies game 10G (Xbox Live)
Diamond MinerLIVE Diamond Miner Reach a depth of 200m in Diamond Mine 15G (Xbox Live)
Levelord Levelord Reach Level 10 in Classic Mode 15G (Xbox Live)
Bejeweler Bejeweler Finish a Classic Game with a score over 500,000 20G (Xbox Live)
Diamond Mine Miner, Extraordinaire Earn $750,000 in Diamond Mine 30G (Xbox Live)
SuperStar Superstar Line up 6 Gems in a row 35G (Xbox Live)
Jewelforger Jewelforger Reach rank 81 40G (Xbox Live)


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