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Bejeweled Live +
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Release date February 19, 2013

This is about the Windows Phone 8 version. For the other versions, see Bejeweled LIVE (Windows Phone 7) and Bejeweled LIVE (Windows 8).

Bejeweled Live + is a tile match-3 developed and published by PopCap and Electronic Arts. It is a mobile port of Bejeweled 3 made exclusively for Nokia Lumia devices, which run Windows Phone 8. The mobile port is largely based on Bejeweled Classic, with several visual elements being reused from said port. The game was released on February 19, 2013, with a free trial version released on the same day.

Bejeweled Live + features integration with the Xbox network, including Xbox achievements, leaderboards and gamerscore support. Bejeweled Live + is currently discontinued from Microsoft Store.


Bonus Games Button

The Bonus Games Button

Bejeweled Live + is a mobile port of Bejeweled 3, though it features several visual features and game alterations reused from older versions of Bejeweled Classic. Bejeweled Live + features 5 game modes from Bejeweled 3, of which are: Classic, Zen, Diamond Mine, Butterflies and Lightning.

Below is a list of differences present in Bejeweled Live +:

Differences from Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled Classic[]

  • The PopCap logo loading indicator is colored blue instead of yellow.
  • The game reuses the visual style and shares several alterations seen in Bejeweled Classic, albeit with several unique differences.
    • On the title screen, opening the menu panel directly brings up the profile menu. The layout of the profile screen has also been re-arranged.
      • Several menu options have been moved directly to the title screen.
    • Similar to older versions of Bejeweled Classic, the game modes on the title screen are split into several pages. Classic, Diamond Mine, and Lightning are shown on the first page, with Zen and Butterflies shown on the "Bonus Games" page, and the Help and About screens shown on another page.
      • The Help and About areas of the menu have been moved to a brand new "Help and About" page on the title screen.
      • The More Games button from the menu has been moved to the title screen, on the Bonus Games page.
      • Leaderboards and Achievements are present directly on the title screen instead of being present on the profile menu.
    • Several menu areas appear darker than they do in Bejeweled Classic.
    • Unlike Bejeweled Classic, the leaderboard screens do not show profile icons.
    • The speed of menu animations is faster compared to Bejeweled Classic.
  • The game features support for Xbox network integration, including achievements and leaderboards.
  • Bejeweled Live + doesn't feature Badges, but it feature Achievements instead.
  • Additionally, gamerscore earned from the game is now displayed on the Achievements screen.
  • A conformation prompt before exiting a game mode has been added.
  • The music in Lightning doesn't alter during gameplay. It also accompanies the warning instrumental cues heard when nearly running out of time in Bejeweled 3.
  • The music in Bejeweled Live + is ripped directly from the Bejeweled 3: A Musical Quest soundtrack, which feature remastered versions of the tracks. Classic and Zen only feature the first parts of their respective soundtracks.
  • As it is equivalent to an older version of Bejeweled Classic, Bejeweled Live + don't includes the Ice Storm, Poker and excluding Quest mode.
  • The general game speed is faster compared to it's original PC and mobile counterparts.
  • The multiplier indicator in Lightning is enclosed in a colored circle.
  • The menu borders in Lightning use the default gold color instead of Bejeweled Classic's silver menu color.