Bejeweled Hurricane is a fan-game created by PrinceXI using RPG Maker XP[1], modeled after Bejeweled Twist and using assets from Bejeweled 3.


Bejeweled Hurricane uses a basic mechanic, reprised from Bejeweled Twist-- Player rotate a set of four gems (in a 2x2 square shape) clockwise; with the goal to match three gems in a line which are then removed from the board. Moves that don't make a match are permitted.

Similar to Twist, Coals, Locked Gems, Bomb Gems and Doom Gem also make appearances in Bejeweled Hurricane. The game is over should any Bomb gem or Doom gem on the board count down to zero.


Hurricane Gameplay

A game of Bejeweled Hurricane in progress, the player is currently on 3-Purple gem chain, also note the Coal and White Bomb Gem present.

Power-ups are created by making consecutive matches of the same color (e.g. two consecutive red gem matches), they remove additional gems from the board and are activated immediately once the condition is met.

Chains are reset whenever any gem match that does not match the colour of the current chain has been made; the first incorrect chain resets the counter to zero, and starts again with the following gem match[2]. Players should be aware that chains triggers by normal gems and bomb gems are counted separately[3], in addition that cascades will also interfere with preserving current chain count.

The following power-ups could be seen in Bejeweled Hurricane:

Rubycored pattern1

Clearing pattern for Flame Blast, the grey cells denote the gems inside the "Cursor".

Flame Blast

Flame Blast is activated when player create two consecutive matches of the same colour; its effect is to remove the four gems currently in the cursor with effects simulating an explosion of a Flame Gem.

Rubycored pattern2

Clearing pattern for Ice Storm.

Ice Storm

Ice Storm is activated when player create four consecutive matches of the same colour; its removes twelve gems in a pattern that looks like a large circle.

Rubycored pattern3 copy

Clearing Pattern for X-treme Hurricane, the pattern extends to the edges of the board.

X-treme Hurricane

X-treme Hurricane is activated when player create six (and every second thereafter) consecutive matches of the same colour; it removes gems in a large "X" pattern that extends to the edges of the board.


  1. 回复:【小凤制作】Bejeweled Hurricane 发布帖!(Reply #63)
  2. For example: You are on 2-Yellow Chain, but then you clear a set of Blue Gems, this move will reset the chain to zero. If you then clear a set of Red Gems, the game will start counting as having performed a 1-Red Chain
  3. For example: if you currently have 3-chain of Green Gems, but your 4th chain of Green Gem is matched using a Green-coloured Bomb Gem, the game will NOT count it as a Green Gem chain and resets to zero.
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