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The Chinese re-release of Bejeweled 3 (Chinese: 宝石迷阵3) is a tile match-3 game developed and published by PopCap exclusively in mainland China, released on July 27, 2012. It is an enhanced re-release of the international version of Bejeweled 3 featuring extra content and gameplay tweaks. Despite having new features, it shares the same title as the original version.

The community has commonly referred this release as Bejeweled 3 Plus to differentiate it from the original release of Bejeweled 3.


The Chinese re-release plays nearly identical to the original release of Bejeweled 3. Notable changes include the addition of in-game advertisements, and tweaks to Blazing Speed.

The biggest addition to the re-release are Match Bomb and Time Bomb, two endless variations of the Time Bomb mini-quests found in Quest Mode. Both modes involve matching Bomb Gems to destroy them before their counters reach zero. Counters decrease after every match in the Match variation of the mode, while it decreases every second in the Time variation of the mode, which also allows Blazing Speed to be activated. Unlike the other game modes, the Bomb modes are available directly from the start.

Differences from the original[]

  • The game runs only in the 4:3 aspect ratio, even if the game is in full screen mode.
  • Advertisements are featured prominently throughout the game. They appear in several menus and throughout the game.
    • Ads appear in several areas of the game.
      • An advertisement is shown on the loading screen.
      • An advertisement is shown at the bottom of the title screen.
      • During gameplay, a Flame Gem appear for a brief moment, and explode with an advertisement box appearing shortly after.
      • A small banner sometimes appears at the top of the screen with an advertisement after a game is finished. When the banner is closed, the results screen shows up normally.
    • Ads featured seemingly have support for 3rd party ads, but PopCap advertisements are featured when the game is unable to connect to ad servers normally.
  • The PopCap loading logo has been shrunken and moved to the bottom right side of the screen to make room for advertisements.
  • Options for changing graphics and toggling 3D acceleration have been removed completely from the options menu.
  • Blazing Speed has received alterations:
    • Blazing Speed activates after nine fast consecutive matches, compared to the original game's fifteen, allowing easier activation.
    • Blazing Speed can now be performed in Ice Storm.


  • This game has the most game modes in the Bejeweled series, with a total of ten.
  • This is the only variation of Bejeweled 3 to feature the Bomb game modes outside of Quest missions.
  • This is the first Bejeweled game to be released exclusively in China.
  • The Match Bomb and Time Bomb modes are the only modes in the game to not feature a detailed stats screen.
    • They are also the only modes to not feature any badges.
  • Offline advertisements for the game feature an image promoting several PopCap games, and features characters such as a Chuzzle from Chuzzle, a zombie from Plants vs. Zombies, Bjorn from Peggle, Zuma and other characters from the Zuma series and a Blue Gem.