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This is a list of people who were involved in the development of the original PC and Mac version of Bejeweled 2, originally developed by PopCap Games. The credits for the game are seen at the end of Puzzle Mode. Letters in Italic are credited in the readme file of the game.


Game Design[]

Jason Kapalka


Brian Fiete

Technical Assistance[]

David Parton


Josh Langley, Walter Wilson

Planetary Backdrops[]

Armands Auseklis

The backgrounds of the game were created using Pandromeda's Mojoworld software.


Peter Hajba (credited as Skaven in game)

Sound Effects[]

Stephane Brault

Puzzle Design[]

Scott Kim

Level Balancing[]

Ben Lyon


Eric Harman, Shawn Conard, Brenna Flood, Chad Zoellner, Isaac Aubrey, Jon Pulling,

Biz Dev[]

Don Walters

Release Management[]

Rocky Fry. Daniel Landeck, Nick Tomlinson, Irene Cheung

Special Thanks to[]

John Vechey, Brian Rothstein, Tysen Henderson, Jeff Weinstein, Nicholas Newhard, Kathy Bacon, Ben Lyon, Walter Wilson, Dave Haas, Hans Reifenrath, Ian Greenhoe, Damon Kiley, Katrina Webb, Juho Uuraslahti, Mark Weldon, Greg Behrens

Beta Testers[]

WhatGall, Elias, Faeremoon, Kingdom, Syrinx, WendigoWolf, MrsDbolt, BlueSky, Wolfpackmama, Dachsx2, GrukX, Bugsymcd24, Fire, Kane, Cheryl, ClaireBear, Inmost Light, Emerald, Javansdaddy, Hermitcrab, Meatboy Dogfood (Meatboy), Rainsford, Gregslagel, Jael, Hrach, Splam_11 (Splam11), Illyria, baasi1, HomerJay, NPG, Panther, TheShadow, Lexi, monkeyboy, Rambobear, Inkmei, artic, Arkeri, Dominique, reba10, Zelda, hgalindo, Numfive, kathyjohndj, RavensTrumpet, Vern, WildKittyFca, wuggies, lala, cjbadger, Curious Games, Dyne, firedog, jb63, Lovedog, samspade, spirit29_1, Vexrm, WoodRat

At the end of the credits in Puzzle Mode, a line appears that thanks the player for playing and states to look out for Bejeweled 3, which would release 6 years later after Bejeweled 2.


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