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The Bejeweled plug & play console (labelled as Bejeweled Deluxe on packaging and on the title screen) is a 2008 plug-and-play TV game controller developed by PopCap Games and HotGen, and was manufactured by Jakks Pacific. It is a port of Bejeweled to the line of plug-and-play systems, and features Bejeweled 2 graphics and sounds. The console was released in 2008.


Bejeweled plug and play console closeup



The console is shaped and sports the appearance of space gadget, similar to the interface elements seen in Bejeweled 2. The arcade-like control stick is shaped and sports the appearance of a Blue Gem, with a purple base surrounding it. The Menu and Hint buttons are present on the controller, and functions about the same as they did in the original game. An A button is present on the controller, and is used to select gems and options in-game.


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The plug and play console plays identically to Bejeweled. Despite this, this version of the game features Bejeweled 2 backgrounds, UI elements, music and sound effects.

Differences from Bejeweled and Bejeweled 2[]

  • The game is themed off Bejeweled 2. As such, the game features themes, audio and more based on Bejeweled 2.
    • Backdrops from Bejeweled 2 are featured, which feature several backdrops from the original game, plus an additional one.
    • Like Bejeweled 2, a random backdrops setting is available in the game options.
  • At startup, company logos and copyright info are displayed.
  • The title screen shows off the Centuari Prime backdrop rather than the original loading screen from Bejeweled 2.
  • The game features a heavily compressed version of Skaven's The Journey Begins.
  • Several sound effects sound compressed.
  • Normal and Time Trial are labelled as Classic and Action.
  • The transition and level up sequence feature the backdrop zooming in, spinning and fading to a bright light, and reverting back to normal with a new backdrop.
  • The level counter is shown on it's separate widget gadget rather than being combined with the gadget that displays the score.
    • The current game mode is also displayed on top of the level counter gadget.
  • The level bar's progress indicator is colored solid blue rather than shining white.
  • High scores display only three initials, compared to the original game's lengthy name limit.


  • This is the first and only Bejeweled game to be released on the plug and play platform.
  • Several backdrops not seen in other versions are featured here.
  • This game, Java and iPod versions of the game feature Bejeweled 2 graphics and sound, instead of the game's original graphics and sound. But gameplay is identical to this version of Bejeweled.