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Bejeweled, often referred to as Bejeweled HTML5 is a tile match-3 game developed by PopCap Games. It is a port of Bejeweled 3 to the HTML5 web game format, featuring the Classic and Lightning (named Speed) game modes. It was available on the Chrome Web Store on December 13, 2011, alongside HTML5 versions of Plants Vs. Zombies and Peggle.[1]

Bejeweled (HTML) was discontinued from the original site and is no longer playable, however other sites and preservation projects continue to host the game.


Bejeweled is a online web browser version of Bejeweled 3 presented in the HTML5 platform. The game features two game modes: Classic, and Lightning (named Speed). Each mode plays identical to their original PC counterparts, however with certain features being adapted for HTML5.

Differences from Bejeweled 3[]

  • There are two display resolution modes: Standard Definition and High Definition (labelled SD and HD). They are displayed on the title and loading screens and restart the game when they are switched.
    • Depending on the PC's specs and capabilities, the game will alternate with 2 modes: a mode for lower-end PCs, which uses the globe transition effect when leveling up and fade transition when entering and exiting modes, and a mode for high-speed PCs, which enables image distortion (such as the globe transition when entering and exiting a mode), animated backgrounds, and the wormhole level up transition from Bejeweled 3.
  • In some cases, the Title Screen music does not always play at the first startup.
  • A Records system is present, unlike other online variants of the game.
    • Only 5 scores are shown in the high scores table unlike Bejeweled 3's 10.
    • The ranking system does not show how many points are needed to proceed to the next rank.
  • The game shows a unique tutorial screen upon first startup.
    • This can be skipped by unchecking "Show Tutorials".
    • The tutorials can be shown again by selecting the Reset button on the Tutorials option, in the menu.
  • The game features only 6 backgrounds from Bejeweled 3. On some occasions, they loop at random points from the beginning.
    • Other versions of the game hosted on unofficial sources feature fewer backgrounds.
  • The 3D distortion effects from the PC version are not present.
  • Similar to Bejeweled Classic, Classic Mode only features the first part of the soundtrack.
    • When it finishes, the music does not loop and continues in silence. The music can be restarted by muting the music in the Menu and unmuting it.
    • The music does not silence during the wormhole transition.
    • The soundtrack is ripped directly from the remastered version of the soundtrack, Bejeweled 3: A Musical Quest.
  • The music in Speed (Lightning) plays at a fixed pace instead of dynamically speeding up, and similar to Bejeweled Classic and Bejeweled Live + it also accompanies the warning instrumental cues heard when nearly running out of time in Bejeweled 3.
  • The sound effect for gems falling is different in this version.
  • The mist animation in the progress bar is different compared to the PC version.