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Bejeweled is a tile match-3 arcade game developed by PopCap Games. It is an arcade adaption of Bejeweled 3's Lightning game mode, adapted for arcades with ticket and multiplayer features.

The machine is playable from one to two players, which can be extended to four players by connecting a second machine.

Bejeweled was distributed by Sega Amusements in 2013.


Bejeweled arcade machine full

The arcade machine, connected with a second machine.

Machine Design[]

The machine is designed after Bejeweled's blue diamond gem. It features two arcade screens on one machine, being displayed on the sides of the machine's diamond shape. There is also a large sign featuring the game logo on the top. The machine and signs have LED lights, which light up the machine and change in-between colors. The sides of the machine also feature the PopCap and Sega logos printed on them, with "WIN TICKETS" text also being printed on the machines. The bottom of the machine features a ticket dispenser, which dispenses tickets if installed in the machine.

The machine can be connected with a second Bejeweled arcade machine, which makes the arcade machine more round and reminiscent of an actual Blue Gem, and enables four player play.


Main article: Lightning

Bejeweled is an arcade adaption of Bejeweled 3's Lightning Mode. This is mainly based off the PC version of the game, and appears visually identical to the PC version of the game. Gameplay is identical to the PC counterpart of the game as well. The game involves matching as many gems as possible before time runs out, while collecting Time Gems to extend time and the current multiplier.

The arcade machine contains the ability to dispense arcade tickets, if the manufacturer opts to install them inside the machine. Performing certain actions will earn the player more tickets.

Ticket score table[]

  • 4 three gem matches: 1 ticket
  • 1 four gem match: 1 ticket
  • 1 five gem match: 1 ticket
  • 1 Flame Gem detonation: 1 ticket
  • 1 Star Gem detonation: 2 tickets
  • 1 Hypercube detonation: 5 tickets

The machine will dispense up to 1,000 tickets per game (equivalent to 250,000 points). If the score exceeds this limit, no extra tickets will be awarded.


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