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Bejeweled twist battle mode screen

Battle, also known as Battle Mode (2-player Battle Mode in the game's manual) is a two-player game mode found exclusively in the Nintendo DS and DSiWare versions of Bejeweled Twist. The game mode, unlike other game modes in the game, requires two players with two Nintendo DS systems containing copies of Bejeweled Twist for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSiWare.

Battle involves matching large amounts of gems to push the player's side of the tube completely to the edge to win, while sending Bomb Gems to the opponent's board. The game is accessed by tapping the two-player icon on the title screen on the Play Menu.


Bejeweled twist battle mode screen

Screenshot of the game mode, showing Player 1 nearly beating Player 2. Player 1 is shown to the left, while Player 2 is shown to the right.

Battle Mode is a mode that requires 2 Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi systems with 2 copies of either Game Card or DSiWare versions of Bejeweled Twist. The DS Game Card and DSiWare versions support cross-platform, meaning the game mode can be played regardless of the version of the game currently being played. The player can host a game room or join one. Once ready, the game will commence when the host begins the game.

Battle Mode involves pushing the Levelup Tube to fill up completely to win, in tug-o-war fashion. When gems are matched, the player attacks the opponent by filling up their Levelup Tube, while the opponent's Tube lowers. The game plays very similar to Classic Mode. There is no time limit, but it is expected that a game can last around 3–5 minutes. Unlike other game modes, the menu button is not present and the game cannot be paused.

A new gimmick present in Battle Mode is the ability to send Bomb Gems to the opponent's game board. When match chains (and function the same way as the Multiplier Bar) are made, the Bomb meter on the top screen will fill up. When it is completely filled (after 6 match chains,destroying bombs gives you aditional match chain), a Bomb Gem will be sent to the opponent's game board, which will appear on the opponent's next gem match. Making a matchless move will empty the bomb bar.

The multiplier count shows on the base of the Levelup Tube. After a large amount of gems are cleared, the multiplier will increase. A higher multiplier will increase the amount of points scored, which will also increase attack power dealt to the opponent.

Red sirens appear when the player that has scored the least is about to lose. The game ends when a player fills up their Levelup Tube completely, or when a player's Bomb Gem explodes (Exploding Bomb Gems counts as a loss to the player who triggered it). The results screen will pop up, and the player will go back to the host/join waiting screen after closing the results.

If you have bomb with 1 move until explode you will have 5 seconds until sudden explode.

Battle spaceship[]

Battle displays an upgradeable spaceship on the top screens. The first player's spaceship is colored purple(Host), while the 2nd Player spaceship is colored green. The ship can be upgraded by winning several Battle games, which adds more parts and changes the appearance of the player's spaceship. Upgrading ships do not alter gameplay and is purely aesthetical.

Rewards list:

  • First win: Thruster
  • Total 4 wins: Wings
  • Total 6 wins: Tail
  • Total 10 wins: Scanners
  • Total 15 wins: Single Missile pod & Collector
  • Total 20 wins: Silver Ship
  • Total 25 wins: Gold Ship
  • Total 30 wins: Full Gold Ship & Second Missile pod (List is not finished, 30 to 60 wins there nothing)



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Spaceship levels[]



  • This is the only game mode of Bejeweled Twist to be exclusive to a single platform.
  • This is the first game mode that allows simultaneous multiplayer after Bejeweled Multiplayer, predating Bejeweled Blitz LIVE.
  • Unlike other game modes, no background music plays during Battle Mode.