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BJ2 arcade in-game

Arcade mode[]

Menu play msg
"Play the popular gem swapping puzzle game for big cash prizes."
— Game menu description from Bejeweled 2 (2005)

This mode introduced in Bejeweled 2 Arcade version of game,this is other version of Action mode what was introduced in Bejeweled 2 Arcade.

Info panel5 board


Gameplay focused on matching gems and making cascades or creating special gems to earn bonus points, fill level-up bar before timer bar become empty to complete the level and earning bonus cash prizes every level with prize pods.

Score panel pod left blueBj2 Arcade Yellow podBj2 Arcade purple podBj2 Arcade red pod Bj2 Arcade green podBj2 Arcade green pod rightBj2 Arcade red pod rightBj2 Arcade purple pod rightBj2 Arcade yellow pod rightBj2 Arcade blue pod right

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In this mode game introduces Main shuffle1 button feature if you in trouble to get more moves to match, like in Bejeweled Blitz but in arcade SHUFFLE button is infinite feature except it's educes timer, works with short cooldown between uses.

Hint reduces time too like as SHUFFLE, after level 2 you start earn small bonus prizes from each level brick the bonus will increase by 1 £ (Italian lira,and turkish), everytime you destroying level bricks and passing prize pods after completing level you will earn reward. You can earn up to 50£ and when game over you will get one of this 2 video's: First is Jackpot and Winner. (can be seen if you have reached even only one prize after the game over)

Continue panel 100P

If you lose the game you can 1£ pay to continue game.

Continue panel 50P

or Continue insert creditlike in other arcade games.

Pay 50p to retry,you can choose option: Continue yes or Continue nobefore time-out, if you choose YES you pay 1£ or 50p if you still have money or insert credit before menu time ends, if you chose NO you will end current game.

BJ2 arcade keyboard

You will enter the name with touchscreen keyboard before menu's time ends. (There is bad words list file what prevents to write bad words in public score category).

Cc screen

If you reached the prize you will have choose prizes inside prize menu. (If menu's time's-up game will choose currency type automatically which you paid to play)

BJ2 arcade main menu

Main menu screenshot.

  • In the menu you can insert credit and use credits,your credits what are in reserve if you earlier inserted instead of taking money from your in-game bank or adding to the bank while you in menu.
  • You can choose your way to pay.
  • You write your nickname after your game in public high scores instead of usernames for profiles.


  • By hex, .xml and .ini editing you can make working Puzzle mode by changing game mode values in xml's.
  • By editing app_conf.xml you can change fullscreen mode and turning sfx off.
  • By changing values in app_conf.xml you can change values of bank limit and pay to play cost and bad words for names list.
  • In-game plays only main menu music,but by modification of music.xml and add same properties as Pc Bejeweled 2 Deluxe music.xml that will make game playing in-game music.
  • Max bank and credits limit by default is 7000£.