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Alchemy is a type of mini-quest featured in Quest from Bejeweled 3.


Alchemy Help

A dialog box providing information about the first Alchemy mini-quest.

In the Alchemy mini-quests, each square of the game board contains a tile. The goal of each mini-quest is turn the board to gold by matching gems. Horizontal matches transform only rows, while vertical matches transform only columns. Special Gem effects can change tiles as well.

Depending on the mini-quest, the game board will feature either the Timer Bar or a meter that consists of segments (which deplete after every legal move). Each Alchemy mini-quest must be completed within their own given time or move limit. When the Timer Bar reaches thirty seconds, "The Voice" will announce a brief warning about the amount of time remaining. When the Timer Bar reaches fifteen seconds, the vertical edges of the board emit a pulsing red glow and a warning sound plays; these effects intensify as the time limit approaches expiration. The first effect also occurs when three sections of the segmented meter remain.


Mini-quest Associated Relic Description
Relic 1 The goal of this mini-quest is turn the board to gold within 90 seconds. During this mini-quest, Hypercubes fall into the game board every now and then.
Alchemy II
Alchemy II
Relic 3 The goal of this mini-quest is turn the board to gold within 20 moves.
Alchemy III
Alchemy III
Relic 4 The goal of this mini-quest is turn the board to gold within 30 moves. Each of the tiles in this mini-quest needs an extra match to change them.


  • Pausing the game during the first Alchemy mini-quest causes the gems to vanish, but they reappear upon resuming the game. This most likely happens to prevent "cheating."


  • This type of mini-quest is a reference to Alchemy, another game created by PopCap Games where you would place runes on a lead board to turn the lead squares into gold.
  • Alchemy was a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold.
  • In the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 versions of Bejeweled 3, Alchemy III has a different background than the one featured in the other Alchemy mini-quests.
  • This gameplay element was returned from Bejeweled Stars. They first appeared at level 206.
    • An early screenshot of Bejeweled 3 shows the mini-quest having yet another different background, which is the one featured in the Stratamax mini-quests.
  • Based on evidence present in the game files of Bejeweled 3, the original name of this type of mini-quest was Lead to Gold.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マジック
Spanish Alquimia Alchemy
French Alchimie Alchemy
German Alchemie Alchemy
Italian Alchimia Alchemy
Portuguese Alquimia Alchemy
Chinese 炼金术