This is one of the most commonly performed techniques in Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled Blitz due to its simplicity. It is also possible in Bejeweled Stars but is harder due to bigger game speed and the way swaps work in Stars. This technique is made possible mostly because releases starting from Bejeweled Blitz include swapping gems while other ones on the board are already in motion.

This technique consists of (min.) two swaps, one being a move that causes a gem of one colour to fall into a formation of a number of same-coloured gems, and all further swaps being moving more gems of same colour into the formation before the first gem falls down, making a larger set of gems. The second move will keep the gem in place until the first one has fallen. During this time (in Bejeweled 3, PC Blitz and Stars only), the gems swapped are not movable (held). In Bejeweled 3, PC Blitz and Stars, the player can only put in one extra gem, while in Facebook and Mobile Blitz an unlimited number of gems can be added to the formation.

In Bejeweled Stars and Bejeweled 3 (NDS edition) the gems have to start falling before moving the gem in to work, while in other games the player can start moving almost instantly after the first match. Going too fast can make a match before the first gem settles in though. Also, the player can prevent a gem from falling down by swapping it after the first match, or swapping a gem below it (doesn't have to be a legal move, furthermore, an illegal move holds the gem for longer) therefore negating AT. This part is also crucial for Gemwipe.

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